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TSW Elite Eight: (13) SOON vs. (21) Take and score

2013 TSW PLAYOFFS -- Elite Eight

Voting will remain open til next Tuesday at noon.

(13) SOON vs. (21) TAKE AND SCORE

(13) SOON: Exasperated, Brian Kelly motioned for a timeout and beckoned his offense over. As he surveyed the scoreboard that read 40-27 over the 4th-ranked favorites, he became aware that Tommy and several other players were staring at him in eerie silence. Coming to his senses, Kelly began explaining to Tommy and his receivers which pass plays they would be running, the best form of jazz hands, etc. etc. But then he realized that his players were not staring at him, but staring with terror at something just over his left shoulder. Freezing in place, Kelly could feel the hairs on his neck stand up with fear...but before he could turn, a voice behind him whispered:


(21) Take and score, one of two entries from our first TSW column, set up this extremely unexpected #13 vs. #21 contest by shocking (5) Defense Disco 36-24. Rumor has it that this entry has caught the attention of Pope Francis himself, and he has subsequently considered instituting a method by which team chaplains can celebrate Mass for both the players and the fans during the game, not just before or after. Then again, Papa Frank didn't exactly come through on the Vatican Shamrock Series for next year, so we'll see...