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TSW Elite Eight: (3) Colonel found EG! vs. (6) Oregonian Shakespeare

UPDATE: Due to the huge number of votes, voting is temporarily closed until we can verify that there's no Chicago-style funny business going on (since you're all decent folks, though, I seriously doubt it). Please make sure to vote on our other three matchups as well, and feel free to stick around and explore the OFD community!

2013 TSW PLAYOFFS -- Elite Eight

Voting will remain open til next Tuesday at noon.


In a titanic clash of two highly-seeded contestants, (3) Colonel found EG! has come roaring into the Elite Eight with a vengeance. True, this entry dominated (14) Taco Grande 43-20, but the Colonel ain't come here to play EARLY-ROUND EXITS. Now that the 2014 offseason has officially begun, he's here to play FINDING BELOVED QUARTERBACKS...and judging by the joyful reactions, when the Colonel plays that game, we all win.


(6) Oregonian Shakespeare. I'll be honest, I believed that this comment's matchup against (11) Princess Occtipa would be a furious back-and-forth tilt, with one side appealing to the OFD poets and the other side expressing shock that anyone would ever vote against a baby. But alas for our beloved Princess, 'twas not to be--the chrome-helmeted gentleman from Oregon demolished Her Grace by a 42-17 margin (a fact that did not escape her attention). To attempt to describe what was written in the comment would be an insult to its mastery, so go ahead and see for yourself.