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TSW Elite Eight: (2) The Snap Height vs. (26) Hey Gary...

2013 TSW PLAYOFFS -- Elite Eight

Voting will remain open til next Tuesday at noon.

(2) THE SNAP HEIGHT vs. (26) HEY GARY...

Some may have thought that (2) The Snap Height couldn't possibly sustain its momentum for several months, but our first-ever TSW winner has somehow managed to do exactly that. Any lingering doubts about its popularity were quickly erased when it pounded the strong at-large challenger (18) Skyscraper Lunch in a 45-16 beatdown. We may never know for certain what was going through Amir's mind, but we can all agree that it was probably something along these lines:


(26) Hey Gary... is, quite simply, The Comment That Would Not Die. After a one-vote upset over (7) Got CBSSN?, most folks assumed that this entry would simply roll over and die against (10) Blind spots. But this notion was shattered in a 39-26 stunner, and now everyone knows this plucky underdog has some serious bite. As ulcer-forming and rage-inducing as this challenger is, its three simple words have shown the power to evoke the deepest levels of emotion in Notre Dame fans (albeit not always the happy kind). Can Gary B-Jax maintain his magical tournament run against the overall #2?