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TSW Elite Eight: (1) The Cam Rule vs. (8) Punterrific

2013 TSW PLAYOFFS -- Elite Eight

Voting will remain open til next Tuesday at noon.


(1) The Cam Rule has been enjoying a downright romp through the tournament so far, crushing its would-be challengers 78-4 and 52-15. Such margins have caused whispers around OFD, with some even beginning to draw comparisons to Florida State's dominance. Yes, this entry does have all the trappings of a heavy favorite: universal acclaim, superb execution, and top-notch presentation. So how will it fare against a less cupcake-y opponent?


(8) Punterrific, the unorthodox bye-week winner who somehow keeps finding a way to defeat more "traditional" ND-themed entries, including last week's 40-24 win over (24) Anti-Grav Jump. On the surface, it doesn't look that remarkable--there are no funny faces, groan-inducing puns, or slick visual effects to be seen. However, therein lies its danger: in simplicity and concrete fact. Underestimate this entry at your own peril.