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TSW Final Four: (1) The Cam Rule vs. (21) Take and Score

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(1) The Cam Rule gifts us with a prime example of art imitating life. When faced with inferior opponents, this entry simply lowered its head and bulldozed through them. Even when a tougher opponent popped its helmet off, it still came out on top and lookin' good. And like its counterpart, Ridiculously Photogenic Cam McDaniel (RPCM), this entry is so dominant that attempting to defy it or defeat it incurs the harsh penalty of humiliating defeat. [Insert 5-hour argument on tWWL on the ARRR-PEEEEE-SEEEE-EMMM dynasty]


(21) Take and score has risen from the ashes of its lowly seeding to seize the full attention of the big dogs. In a region where the underdogs actually won more games than the favorites, this entry managed to slug its way out from the bottom of the dogpile and capture the region based on its masterful blend of liturgy and football. Instead of inserting every Disney sports movie review cliche I can think of ("For the underdog in all of us!" "It will make you stand and cheer!" "Two thumbs way, way up!" "Great taste! Less filling!"), I'll spare you all five hours and just say this: Amir and Tommy may be huge underdogs vs. Cam...but every upset begins when the little team tells themselves, "Hey, we can beat these guys!" So, this'll be fun.