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TSW Playoffs Sweet 16: (10) Blind spots vs. (26) Hey Gary...

2013 TSW PLAYOFFS -- Sweet Sixteen

Voting will remain open til next Tuesday at noon.

(10) BLIND SPOTS vs. (26) HEY GARY...

(10) Blind spots topped (23) Pet Heads 36-27 in its first matchup, and looks to continue its sarcasm-induced romp through the tournament. This one is particularly dear to OFD regulars who witnessed a bit following the loss to Pitt, since the same jab leveled at other commenters is now extended to the beloved Irish secondary.


(26) Hey Gary... provided the biggest upset of the tournament (so far) when it stunned (7) Got CBSSN? 33-32. This first-round shocker set up an all-BJax matchup, in which both entries follow the "We laugh so that we don't cry" philosophy. In particular, this entry plays on fans' emotions like a fiddle by wickedly conjuring up memories of a certain former cornerback's inability to find the ball. Seriously, who knew that three innocent words could conjure up such anger, sorrow, etc. in ND fans? (Don't answer that.)