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TSW Sweet 16: (8) Punterrific vs. (9) Anti-gravity jump

2013 TSW PLAYOFFS -- Sweet Sixteen

Voting will remain open til next Tuesday at noon.


(8) Punterrific dismantled its first-round opponent (25) Shembo's Bike Seat 46-15, much to the delight of a certain special-teams-inclined member of the staff. There's nothing fancy or deceitful about this caption--it merely seeks to put into words the nature of the bizarre world of college football in that sunny land known as California.


(9) Anti-gravity jump, a 37-26 victor over its fellow "Jumping Cam" challenger (24) Personal Foul. Not only is it a celebratory move (as demonstrated both here and by ND fans who heard of Golson's return), but it can also be used as a quick and effective method for skipping those icy campus sidewalks!