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TSW Sweet 16: (6) Oregonian Shakespeare vs. (11) Princess Occtipa

2013 TSW PLAYOFFS -- Sweet Sixteen

Voting will remain open til next Tuesday at noon.


(6) Oregonian Shakespeare destroyed (27) Tommy's Prayer 51-15 in a first-round matchup of poetic verses. Considered a strong dark-horse candidate for the Final Four, this entry's florid and elegant style is certainly one of the finest in the entire tournament. Verily, 'tis a verse that the Bard himself would be proud of.


(11) Princess Occtipa, like its opponent, is an entry that doesn't technically showcase a Notre Dame player--well, not a current one, anyways. Earning a decisive 46-21 winover (22) Pull My Finger, OFD's youngest and cutest TSW winner hopes to continue defying the odds, despite not being the most orthodox champion. Seriously, who would ever vote against a baby?