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TSW Sweet 16: (4) Horrified Cheerleader vs. (13) SOON

2013 TSW PLAYOFFS -- Sweet Sixteen

Voting will remain open til next Tuesday at noon.


(4) Horrified Cheerleader survived a first-round scare against the lowly (29) 2 Stanford Fans, in which a 38-38 tie was broken by an objective party consulted by FDM. But seriously though, take a good look at that face. What's not to like about those oversized white shades and that awkward pose and that slightly askew ponytail and that ERMAHGERD expression and...well, that's enough for now.


(13) SOON, which crushed (20) Ze Medical PSA 52-11, and it wasn't even that close. Last week, I had titled this "Red Army Coup", but this week I figured I'd let the elegant simplicity of this entry speak for itself. Now that the season is over, the Red Army is looking to seize power in the recently-vacated quarterback position...