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TSW Sweet 16: (3) Colonel found EG! vs. (14) Taco Grande

2013 TSW PLAYOFFS -- Sweet Sixteen

Voting will remain open til next Tuesday at noon.


As evidenced by its 52-22 trouncing of (30) Altered Uni Pants, (3) Colonel found EG! has made its presence felt in this tournament in a big, big way. Overly enthusiastic officer? Check. Wildly celebrating fans? Check. The return of He Who Must Not Be Slept Upon? MEGA-Check.


(14) Taco Grande, which became the first non-Cam-themed entry to eliminate a RPCM comment, doing so via a 34-30 margin of victory. This entry also features several excited participants, though their own reactions stem from the appearance of a deliciously crunchy meal item, not a star quarterback. Honestly, this entry could just as easily be titled "Undergrad Hallucinations During Finals Week", thus giving it a more universal appeal.