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TSW Sweet Sixteen: (1) The Cam Rule vs. (17) The Cam Effect

2013 TSW PLAYOFFS -- Sweet Sixteen

Voting will remain open til next Tuesday at noon.


Following a tournament-best victory margin of 78-4 against (32) The Grounds Squad, (1) The Cam Rule rolls into the second round with the added momentum of just being named one of The Wall Street Journal's 5 Most Memorable Sports Photos of 2013. To be honest, we can't really disagree with that sentiment--any photo depicting a Notre Dame player completely dominating those USC fools is a winner in our book.


(17) The Cam Effect, which cruised to a 43-22 win over yet another entry from the RDCM realm. Granted, its premise is just a tad far-fetched...but then again, so is the idea of a guy getting his helmet popped off and still managing to give the camera a pro-level Blue Steel smolder. And once again, ladies, please CONTROL YOURSELVES.