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TSW Playoffs I: Blind Spots vs. Pet Heads

TSW PLAYOFFS -- Round of 32

Voting will remain open til next Tuesday.


(10) Blind Spots is a reference to a recent addition to the OFD Lexicon, where tempers among the Commentariat had flared uncharacteristically high following the Pitt loss, resulting in some sarcastic name-calling. This term helped give some much-needed closure to the loss when it was used in a well-placed and highly-voted TSW caption.


(23) Pet Heads. Tapping the vast wealth of movie quotes used here on the sites, this entry spawned a massive subthread of "Dumb and Dumber"-related jokes, many of which were deserving of inclusion in the tournament. To be honest, I can definitely imagine Mark Dantonio yelling this at his players...

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