Former Notre Dame Football Defensive Back, Ashton White, Transfers To Buffalo

Ashton White, a former defensive back with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team, has announced that he will seek a graduate transfer to the Buffalo Bulls in the MAC.

Last summer, White left the football team but stayed enrolled at Notre Dame. He released this statement back in July:

“I would first like to thank Coach Kelly for the opportunity to play the game I love at such a wonderful institution such as Notre Dame. However, I will not be with the team this fall as I focus on some ambitious academic goals of mine. I will be staying to complete my degree that I’ve worked extremely hard for. And, following my graduation after this upcoming school year, I will be transferring to another school to earn a master’s degree and finish the final two seasons of eligibility I have left. Again, thanks to Coach Kelly and everybody in the program...can’t wait to watch and support my former teammates and best friends chase that ring they’ve worked so hard for! Thank you, ND’s been an awesome couple years!”

White’s plans appear to be moving along right on schedule. He will be graduating from Notre Dame this spring, and will have 2 years of eligibility remaining to play football and get his masters degree.

This is a pretty unusual move for this day and age. After getting trouble before the 2016 season as one of the Fulton Five, White made moves that will help him in his education and his career - rather than just trying to make the best “football decision.” In doing so, he may very well have done both.

I applaud White for making a life plan, and following through with what he has laid out. We wish all the best to him while at Buffalo.


If I recall correctly...

…he was workout buddies with KeiVarae Russell when Russell made it back to campus this winter.

That’s a good person to emulate.

I think that's correct

I’m just really happy to see his plan for his future is working.


Of how sound and smart of a decision Ashton made cannot be overstated.

I’ve NEVER heard of anything like that. Hats off to Ashton setting himself up for the future and to ND for letting him finish.

Good luck Ashton

For real

That level of clarity is pretty impressive. Check back in on him in 10 years and I’d bet that he is doing amazing.

I was similarly impressed.

A true 40-year move.

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