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OFD Podcast

OFD Podcast: May we offer you some Notre Dame Football knowledge?

We might have some in here

What date in Notre Dame football history do you obsess over?

It’s more than just one game for me — but one date

OFD Podcast: Welcome to the Notre Dame football offseason

Might as well go off the rails early in the process

OFD Podcast: The Belly of the Notre Dame Beast

An uncomfortable place to be

OFD Podcast: All of the purple pants for a meaty week at Notre Dame

Yes... there is a spring game this week

A gentlemen’s review of Notre Dame’s 12th spring football practice

Dishing it out with Valor

OFD Podcast: Blaming Navy for Notre Dame’s schedule

It adds up

OFD Podcast: Tennessee garage talk about Notre Dame Football

It was a fine night

What is the most interesting decade in Notre Dame Football history?

To the bottom of the barrel

OFD Podcast: A clearer picture of college sports, Notre Dame, and NIL with Matt Brown

There is still a lot of mud out there

OFD Podcast: Tournament of Brian Kelly’s BIG HAND Notre Dame wins

This has nothing to do with Kenny Pickett - swear to god

OFD Podcast: Notre Dame Football’s NIL World

And many other things

OFF THE RAILS: The other side of Notre Dame Football’s 3rd year prophecy

So you didn’t win a title... what does that actually say?

OFD Podcast: What does the NFL Combine mean for Notre Dame VS Ohio State?

Saying the thing first

OFF THE RAILS: The great listing of Notre Dame names for 2022 spring football

It’s literally that (again)

OFD Podcast: Notre Dame Football vibe check

Meet me at our spot

OFD Podcast: Notre Dame’s golden glow at the Waffle House

We think it’s the right Al

OFD Podcast: Prelude to a Notre Dame villain

The seeds of hate are being planted

OFD Podcast: Notre Dame Football Cuffing Season

Your National Signing Day entertainment

OFD Podcast: A very presidential Notre Dame football Q&A

We have all the answers to pretty much everything

OFD Podcast: Submit your Notre Dame Football questions (or whatever) right here

We’re back on our offseason BS again

OFD Podcast: Now with even MORE Notre Dame football offseason action

The news clips are adding up — but there are still many holes in South Bend

OFD Podcast: Notre Dame is making moves and the splendor of winter

It’s been a busy week and a half

OFD Podcast: Kicking off 2022 with a Notre Dame football loss

We are already winded

OFD Podcast: Previewing Notre Dame’s Fiesta Bowl while we still can

Total confidence

OFD Podcast: The Notre Dame Christmas Miracle of Hawaii


OFD Podcast: As we wait for Notre Dame’s bowl game, other things are happening

It’s still Happy Honda Days!

OFD Podcast: The Notre Dame football recruiting scoop with Tom Loy

We’re really getting you ready for National Signing Day now

OFD Podcast: Previewing Notre Dame’s National Signing Day and stuff

What kind of a day is it going to be?

OFD Podcast: Notre Dame is headed to the Fiesta Bowl and Marcus Freeman’s big day

100% real excitement for the bowl season

OFD Podcast: Notre Dame has a Marcus Freeman party, and everyone is staying

It was a great day for the Irish in South Bend

OFD Podcast: All systems go for Notre Dame football and the CERN particle accelerator

Georgia Tech, award lists, playoff rankings, and Stanford - it’s a lot


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