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OFD Podcast

OFD Podcast: Reviewing Notre Dame’s win over Purdue — Do you knuck if you buck Coan?

The guys are ready to argue about winning

OFD Podcast: Previewing Notre Dame VS Purdue with sticks and green paint

Breaking down a rekindled in-state competition

OFD Podcast: Notre Dame won, so don’t burn down the Dome Part 2

The Toledo review isn’t an obscure newspaper, but we do have a Medill grad

OFD Podcast: Previewing Notre Dame vs Toledo — Of Spreads and Men

Ready for round 2

OFD Podcast: Notre Dame almost gave Florida State a Joe Tessitore moment

Our review of Notre Dame’s OT win over Florida State

OFD Podcast: Notre Dame VS Florida State Preview... release the weapons

It’s not going to be 98 degrees with 89% humidity

Notre Dame Football News and Notes: Injuries, recruiting updates, and game day policy

A weekly update of things

OFD Podcast: Notre Dame Villains Part 3

Just in time for the 2021 season

Notre Dame Football News and Notes: The projected Irish starters for Florida State

Doing a new thing for the people (or person)

OFD Podcast: The most college football of Notre Dame episodes

It helps if you can see the bigger picture

OFD Podcast: Did you bring this Notre Dame Fire Stick into the bar? 

Cough up that premium plus sir

OFD Podcast: Notre Dame CROOTIN, Fall Camp, and Mayo Shamrock Shakes

Just a lot of useful information from Tom Loy (and some other stuff from us)

OFD Podcast: Notre Dame football, conference realignment, and uniforms

It’s crazy how everything is related - until you remember that money is a thing

OFD Podcast: Notre Dame’s quiet national narrative 

Are they talking at us or talking with us?

OFD Podcast: All the Notre Dame Football prop bets you can handle

We’re really going to do the 2021 season

OFD Podcast: NIL, Notre Dame Football, and the wild life

Things change and that’s cool

OFD Podcast: What Notre Dame Football game broke you?

And many more questions

OFD Podcast: Number 5 to stay alive for Notre Dame football

It’s an offseason miracle

OFD Podcast: The gift of Kyle Hamilton and Notre Dame’s playoff options

Of course Greg is on the show

Notre Dame Football values its independence more than an easier path to a national championship

12 team playoff takes...

OFD Podcast: Brian Kelly and the Hero’s Journey

There’s a story here in South Bend.

OFD Podcast: Notre Dame Football and the Rise of the Machines

Math created artificial intelligence and we must destroy it

OFD Podcast: What we think we know about Notre Dame in 2021: Part 1 The Offense

Ride or die Coanheads

OFD Podcast: Let’s normalize Notre Dame being a really good football team

Because it should be okay to enjoy nice things

OFD Podcast: Notre Dame Football... we’re not even supposed to be here

And other random observations

OFD Podcast: Wrapping up Notre Dame’s Blue-Gold Game and more

Jordan Botelho as a villain is a warm fuzzy

NFL Draft: Notre Dame has a HUGE day 2 with an insane stat

Well that was fun

NFL Draft: No Notre Dame players selected in the first round

Just seems silly to me to be that bad at drafting

OFD Podcast: The only Notre Dame football spring game and NFL Draft preview

And some Bartolo Colon too

OFD Podcast: All of the answers for Notre Dame Football in a Super Conference

How does this thing work again?

Submit your greatest Notre Dame Football questions for the OFD Podcast— or whatever because you know us

We are here to serve

OFD Podcast: The most New Balance things to do as a Notre Dame football fan

But really a lot of other things


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