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OFD Podcast

OFD Podcast: Notre Dame is headed to the Fiesta Bowl and Marcus Freeman’s big day

100% real excitement for the bowl season

OFD Podcast: Notre Dame has a Marcus Freeman party, and everyone is staying

It was a great day for the Irish in South Bend

OFD Podcast: All systems go for Notre Dame football and the CERN particle accelerator

Georgia Tech, award lists, playoff rankings, and Stanford - it’s a lot

OFD Podcast: It’s the Pork Chop Express for Notre Dame and Georgia Tech

Previewing Senior Day for the Irish

OFD Podcast: Notre Dame beat Virginia and increased its playoff chances — that’s math

Things remain interesting

OFD Podcast: Notre Dame cannonballed Navy and is ready to slay Virginia for playoff ranking glory

Putting in that November work for the playoff rankings

OFD Podcast: Disrespect is the best respect for Notre Dame VS Navy

One ping only [insert other nautical stuff]

OFD Podcast: Notre Dame stiff armed North Carolina back down south

Kyren Williams and friends took care of business

OFD Podcast: Previewing Notre Dame VS North Carolina with chairs

The takes are as plentiful as there are seats

OFD Podcast: Notre Dame’s “new” offense, beating USC, and beyond

Brian Kelly has won 8 of his 11 games against Southern Cal

OFD Podcast: Notre Dame and Brian Kelly are living out the thug life against USC

Hit em up!

OFD Podcast: Previewing Notre Dame at Virginia Tech and the demons of Ben Franklin

The Irish will try to get back on track before they go into the bye

OFD Podcast: Notre Dame’s quarterback conspiracy and losing to Cincinnati

Reviewing Notre Dame’s 24-13 loss to the big bad Bearcats

OFD Podcast: Does Notre Dame have a formula to beat Cincinnati? 

There’s a big top ten showdown in South Bend this weekend

OFD Podcast: Notre Dame beat Wisconsin like a villain

Not sure if that was baked into the box score

OFD Podcast: Previewing Notre Dame VS Wisconsin — It doesn’t have to be close

Jack Coan’s revenge could see a lot of help

OFD Podcast: Reviewing Notre Dame’s win over Purdue — Do you knuck if you buck Coan?

The guys are ready to argue about winning

OFD Podcast: Previewing Notre Dame VS Purdue with sticks and green paint

Breaking down a rekindled in-state competition

OFD Podcast: Notre Dame won, so don’t burn down the Dome Part 2

The Toledo review isn’t an obscure newspaper, but we do have a Medill grad

OFD Podcast: Previewing Notre Dame vs Toledo — Of Spreads and Men

Ready for round 2

OFD Podcast: Notre Dame almost gave Florida State a Joe Tessitore moment

Our review of Notre Dame’s OT win over Florida State

OFD Podcast: Notre Dame VS Florida State Preview... release the weapons

It’s not going to be 98 degrees with 89% humidity

Notre Dame Football News and Notes: Injuries, recruiting updates, and game day policy

A weekly update of things

OFD Podcast: Notre Dame Villains Part 3

Just in time for the 2021 season

Notre Dame Football News and Notes: The projected Irish starters for Florida State

Doing a new thing for the people (or person)

OFD Podcast: The most college football of Notre Dame episodes

It helps if you can see the bigger picture

OFD Podcast: Did you bring this Notre Dame Fire Stick into the bar? 

Cough up that premium plus sir

OFD Podcast: Notre Dame CROOTIN, Fall Camp, and Mayo Shamrock Shakes

Just a lot of useful information from Tom Loy (and some other stuff from us)

OFD Podcast: Notre Dame football, conference realignment, and uniforms

It’s crazy how everything is related - until you remember that money is a thing

OFD Podcast: Notre Dame’s quiet national narrative 

Are they talking at us or talking with us?

OFD Podcast: All the Notre Dame Football prop bets you can handle

We’re really going to do the 2021 season

OFD Podcast: NIL, Notre Dame Football, and the wild life

Things change and that’s cool


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