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Notre Dame Football Recruiting: The importance of Chad Bowden

A new age Vinny Cerrato

It was good news for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish this week as they were able to keep Chad Bowden in South Bend as the Director of Player Personnel. The Michigan Wolverines and their new head coach Sherrone Moore came calling with a fat checkbook to try and steal away one of the best in the business — and they failed.

It’s no secret that a big part of Marcus Freeman’s recruiting success comes from the mind of Chad Bowden. In a lot of ways, this is Freeman’s version of what Lou Holtz had with Vinny Cerrato — and not just in title alone. There’s a culture to recruiting that is unique and hard to perfect, and Bowden is now on that level as a culture creator at Notre Dame — much like Cerrato did with his incredible recruiting classes for the Irish.

In Brice’s article, he talks about how there were multiple SEC coaches that mentioned Notre Dame and Bowden — and now we just saw the Michigan Wolverines come calling. At the moment, none are a threat to steal away Bowden’s services... but for how long?

At some point, the money and the titles and the friendship with Marcus Freeman will eventually be less than Bowden’s perceived value in college football, and he’ll likely move on from Notre Dame. Before that happens, however, the Irish roster will likely be in the best shape it’s been in over the past 30 years.

In a new college football world that is now being dominated by NIL and the transfer portal, teams still have to recruit the roster from the bottom up — it’s still the most important part of a program. Chad Bowden gives the Notre Dame football program a tremendous boost by being able to be effective in all three aspects. If the Irish are truly going to compete for a national championship, it’s that exotic blend that will finally get them there.

How important is Chad Bowden? He’s important enough to say that those three things would be in jeopardy moving forward had he left, and why his decision to stay at Notre Dame was met with a lot of fanfare today. Notre Dame needs him, and they have him. Fantastic.