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Notre Dame Football Recruiting: Irish make a public move to persuade 5-Star QB C.J. Carr to reclassify

Riddle me this...

c.j. carr
C.J. Carr
Twitter @TheSalinePost

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish already has their 5-Star quarterback for the 2024 class committed with Saline’s C.J. Carr. That commitment was crucial — not only because 5-Star quarterbacks are so highly coveted — but because of how the recruitment of Dante Moore (and others in the 2023 cycle) shook out with commitments elsewhere.

With Carr, there has always been the possibility of him reclassifying to the 2023 class because of his skill level and because he has his academics in order to do such a thing. There hasn’t been any real news on the reclassifying front as the Carr family has played things pretty close to the vest... but Notre Dame is openly campaigning for him to make that move.

247’s Tom Loy tweeted out a pic of the Notre Dame coaching staff watching some high school football action, and one of those games was C.J. Carr and Saline High School’s clash with Hudsonville (which has fantastic ice cream). Take a look at that photo...

You have a Camaro shirt, a #4 jersey, and a #23 jersey. It doesn’t take a genius to interpret that as CARR FOR 23.

For Loy to tweet this photo out means that someone from ND sent it to him with permission to use. That’s about as public of a pitch as we can see in recruiting, and it’s pretty creative. There’s no way of knowing if or when Carr will make a decision about reclassifying, but perhaps we might know sooner rather than later.

BTW... Saline won the game over Hudsonville 34-30. Carr was 30-43 327 yards with 2 INT and 2 rushing TD.