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The Triple Option: Notre Dame football is recruiting at a national championship level

At least one stat says so

2022 CFP National Championship - Georgia v Alabama Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

We are 51 days away from Notre Dame’s college football season opener against Ohio State in Columbus. It’s starting to get more and more real, and this feels great.

Let’s break out the triple option.


While the term “Blue-Chipper” may refer to someone that can’t stay the hell away from the Blue Chip Casino in Michigan City, we are talking about college football recruiting here. Former SBN Recruiting Coordinator and current 247 Recruiting Guy, Bud Elliott, released his annual Blue-Chip Ratio article.

Basically... the ratio shows which teams across the country actually have enough high-end (blue-chip) talent to win a national championship. Notre Dame sits right inside the top 10 — though it is quite a distance from the Alabama Crimson Tide and Ohio State.

If you were curious about how Notre Dame’s current 2023 class stacks up on the Blue-Chip Ratio... it’s at 89% right now with 19 commitments.


Of course Notre Dame is doing well with offensive line recruits, but one of the bigger reasons the Irish have the #2 ranked class at the moment is what they are doing along the defensive line — even without the pledge of Jason Moore. Rivals has the Irish as the best team in the country with their trench-diggers in the 2023 class.


I think if this statement came from just about anyone else outside of the Notre Dame bubble other than Colin Cowherd, I would place a little more value on it. Still... it’s never a bad thing for fans to hear that those that they consider to be a “hater” might actually have more faith in the team than them.


Irish TE Mitchell Evans is going to be out for a while. The Ohio sophomore got quite a bit of playing time last season and was expected to be a contributor this year. This injury and Cane Berrong’s health issues make the recovery of incoming freshman Eli Raridon all that more important — but I also expect Kevin Bauman to have a really good year.

Some guy named Michael Mayer is also still listed on Notre Dame’s roster.