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The Triple Option: The must get 2024 recruit for Notre Dame Football

All the right moves (and reasons)

sammy brown notre dame football recruiting
Sammy Brown
Tony Walsh / Athens Banner-Herald

It’s almost all recruiting news right now for Notre Dame Football — which is absolutely fine for the triple option — but other things are happening too (kind of).


Let’s just say we live in a world where C.J. Carr reclassifies to the 2023 class, or a world where we just don’t care about quarterbacks. Maybe that world has a center, and that center is in Jefferson, Georgia, with amazing hair.

Sammy Brown (the name just screams 5-Star everything) is an elite linebacker with an elite curly mullet, and offers from the elite programs in the south. He’s also expected to visit Notre Dame this week... and I want him. I want a 5-Star LB from Georgia with a sweet ass mullet and the ability to grow a fat stache to go with it.

This is very important.


If you’re foaming at the mouth a little bit over how good this 2023 class might end up for the Irish — you ain’t alone. I’m very optimistic about the endgame, but I’m a little unsure about how it will all go down. I have my theories, but I enjoy hearing the thoughts and insights of others as well. So... our good friend Greg Flammang and his Hit and Hustle partner over at Irish Sports Daily have those thoughts and insights — and I’m listening.


Yes it’s true — the Ohio State Buckeyes successfully trademarked one of the most common words in the English language. As pompous as that may seem, it pales in comparison to what they are doing on the recruiting trail with wide receivers. Why rub our own noses in it? Well it’s because everyone should know what we’re up against. It’s a courtesy.


The positive thing is that the Arch Manning storylines will remain mysterious no longer. The negative — Texas Longhorns fans will be insufferable for quite a while (as if that was ever going to change).