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The Triple Option: Commitment predictions for Notre Dame’s 2023 class and NIL rules are coming

Blue-Chip ratio greatness

jaden greathouse notre dame football
Jaden Greathouse

While we are all enamored with the saga of Dante Moore when it comes to Notre Dame’s recruiting efforts for the 2023 class, the Irish are also in on a large handful of elite prospects that don’t play quarterback. Notre Dame currently has the #1 recruiting class in the country, and even though many of us understand that they will likely NOT finish that way, a top 3 finish is definitely possible.

To have a top five or top three class, Notre Dame needs a fierce blue-chip ratio. As of right now, that ratio for 2023 is 100% and is predicted to be just as strong in the coming months.

I love a good Tom Loy and Kevin Sinclair Crystal Ball prediction on 247 as much as the next guy, but when the national guys start dropping in their predictions, it really helps seal the deal with my confidence.

There are 4 recruits with extra juice of national predictions to Notre Dame:

4-Star OL Sullivan Absher

The North Carolina big man seemed destined to join Dabo Swinney and the Clemson Tigers just a short while ago, but it seems that a recent visit to Notre Dame has changed things quite a bit.

4-Star DL Devan Houstan

The vibe for Houstan to join Notre Dame’s recruiting class has been strong for a while. The Irish were one of the first schools to offer Houstan, and the early relationship has kept them at the top of his list.

4-Star WR Jaden Greathouse

The Irish are one of Jaden’s final four schools, but also appear to be the leader right now for the Texas athlete. He has an official scheduled to the South Carolina Gamecocks during ND’s big recruiting weekend in June... but maybe things change?

4-Star OL Charles Jagusah

Despite Jagusah being a top 100 overall player, his recruitment has been really quiet. He has a stacked offer list but the Illinois native is firmly predicted to be Irish when it’s all said and done.

If you just added those 4 players to the other 11 Notre Dame commitments, the class would be good enough to finish 9th in the 247 Composite Team Rankings from 2022. Add some Moore extra spice (Dante Moore and Jason Moore) and the 17 players would be good enough for 5th in last year’s team rankings.

New Rules?

No, no... Bill Maher isn’t taking over the NCAA. What IS happening is that we may finally see some real guidelines about NIL stuff from the NCAA as well as some type of enforcement. The thing is though... it might be too late. For what we know, some of these rules/enforcement edicts could be struck down in the court system. Like — it’s getting to that point.

While nothing is certain, I do at least appreciate a little bit of guidance here from the NCAA so things can start to settle in and schools/boosters can go back to breaking rules behind closed doors again (I kid, I kid).