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The Most Memorable High School Highlights from Past Notre Dame Commits

Shall we take a stroll down memory lane?

Michigan v Notre Dame

High School Highlight Tapes

If you are reading this, chances are that at some point, you’ve gone down a rabbit hole of your favorite Irish players high school highlights. I also know that some of you follow every aspect of recruiting, which of course means watching some jaw dropping tapes on Youtube and Hudl of every Notre Dame offer. I’ve recently been thinking of the best highlight tapes I’ve seen, and started to compline a list. I wanted to highlight a few that immediately jumped out. If nothing else, take some time out of your day and just watch some classic highlights, you will be entertained.

Jaylon Smith

Not much to say here other than he was freaky. My older brother Charlie sent me his tape and I couldn’t believe at the speed, ferocity, and playmaking ability. I wondered if they would find a role for him running back as he was that impressive. He starts carrying the ball at :43 seconds.....just watch. There is a reason he is a top 50 football recruit since 2000 (via 247)

Michael Floyd

This one was close to home because a few of my cousins went to his high school, while another cousin was one of the top players in MN that same year. I remember hearing that Floyd was like Randy Moss in that way he ran and tracked the ball. He was also a dominant safety....curious if Hamilton could have been the heir to the Floyd crown at safety? Also, these highlights are just from one game...

Everett Golson

Golson had one of the most effortless arms I had ever seen. He had elite ball placement and showed why he started as a redshirt freshman during the 2012 National Championship run. His Senior highlights are sadly off of youtube, but those were elite. I weirdly remember the Last of the Mohicans Soundtrack as the song, which is an incredible choice. The first throw was a 65 yard bullet for a touchdown...It was HYPED. You still get flashes of that here.

Aaron Lynch

Aaron Lynch. Truly what could have been for Notre Dame. To put it into perspective, he was as highly ranked and equally hyped up as Keon Keeley. He was an absolute bully, and showed it from the second he got on campus. culminating in a Freshman All American season. Unfortunately, he was homesick and returned home to play for the South Florida Bulls. He had to sit out a year, had a solid Junior season, and ultimately landed him in the 5th round of the NFL Draft. I believe that if he would have stayed at ND, he could have been a no doubt first rounder.

Randy Moss

Randy dreamed of playing for the Irish and committed to Lou Holtz in 1995. Lou said that he was the best high school football player he’d ever seen. However, he got into a fight that resulted in Notre Dame revoking his admissions. It’s said he was backing up his friend who was called a racial slur. He ended up at Florida State before depargin dominating at Marshall and the rest is history. He also played with Notre Dame great Bobby Howard and legendary point guard Jason “white chocolate” Williams. This is also a plug to watch his 30 For 30, Rand’s incredible.

Braden Lenzy

I was fascinated by Lenzy. He wrote an article in the Players Tribune and I remember thinking, man this kid is smart and has a lot more going for him than just football. Then I remember watching his tape and immediately sending it to my dad. My dad is a former NCAA finalist in 110 hurdles at Notre Dame, so he can appreciate speed. This was true track speed showing itself on the football field. I am so excited to see a healthy and strong Lenzy play for the Irish this year.

Who did I miss/Who do you remember watching?

I had tons of others in mind, but these are the ones I vividly remember (outside of Randy Moss for obvious reasons). Share ones you remember in the comments below and drop the link if you can find it. As always, GO IRISH!!

Ok fine, 1 More. Tavon Austin

Without a doubt, this is my favorite highlight tape of all time. He doesn’t get tackled one time....the entire tape. He also celebrates and showboats like a savage, in a way that only someone so dominant could do. This has nothing to do with Notre Dame but just give it a watch (start at 1:30)