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The Triple Option: Notre Dame Football’s 2023 recruiting class is on the warpath

A graduating path

jason moore notre dame
Jason Moore
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After a weekend of fence building and sunbathing... it’s time to break out the Notre Dame triple option.


We all know that Marcus Freeman has turned up the heat when it comes to Notre Dame football recruiting, and seeing as how the Fighting Irish currently have the #1 class for the 2023 cycle — the proof is in the pudding.

Not only do the Irish have the #1 class — this is shaping up to be one of the best Notre Dame classes in recent memory. As good as it is right now, we have great expectations for the rest of the cycle. According to recent 247 Crystal Balls by their national writers, Notre Dame is the leader for three more blue-chip players.

Besides those three, the Irish are still in the thick of it (if not leaders) for 5-Star QB Dante Moore, 4-Star CB Christian Gray, 4-Star WR Rodney Gallagher, 4-Star WR Jaden Greathouse, 4-Star OL Charles Jagusah, and 4-Star CB Micah Bell.

The Irish are hot and could go nuclear this summer.


Notre Dame puts a premium on graduating from college, and is one of the major selling points on the recruiting trail. Congrats to all of those that graduated on Sunday!

And oh yeah... Stephon Tuitt and Jerome Bettis got their Notre Dame degree on Sunday as well. Must be something about those Pittsburgh Steelers.


The New York post published that Notre Dame on NBC color commentator Drew Brees was on his way out to do something else.

Dree Brees countered with a — NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND. While addressing the issue, Brees actually muddied the waters more than clearing the thing up.

Andrew Marchand and the NY Post stand by their story.


Irish RB Logan Diggs posted a recruiting memory of a USC edit from a couple of years ago on his Snapchat story. Of course... message board posters and terrible twitter accounts overreacted like a child when denied a 4th chocolate chip cookie.