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Notre Dame Football Recruiting: Patience will have to be a virtue for 5-Star QB Dante Moore’s commitment

The timeline has shifted, and that’s going to have to be okay

dante moore notre dame
Dante Moore at Oregon on NOT a gold throne

Fans of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are starting to get a little worried about the 2023 recruiting cycle. There were rumblings less than a month ago that 5-Star quarterback Dante Moore was right on the cusp of giving a public commitment to the Irish. This cusp, however, was never anything that had originated from a quote by Dante or his family. Still, on message boards and on social media there was an increasing sense of confidence from fans and media members that Marcus Freeman had his man.

One of the notable things about quarterback recruiting — ELITE quarterback recruiting — is that you have to watch the dominoes fall to get a good sense about what the reality ahead may be. Sometimes a domino isn’t even a commitment — it can be a passing as well.

While it wasn’t the most public of news items, the Irish backed off of the recruitment of blue-chip QB Chris Vizzina. There was a visit that did NOT happen at Notre Dame for Vizzinia, and that has become known as Notre Dame’s decision.

It’s ALL in for Dante Moore, and the combination of Vizzina’s commitment to the Clemson Tigers and Moore’s insistence on taking official visits has Irish fans a little worried.

So — the timeline for what we expected has changed. In recruiting, even the slightest change can tip a recruitment, and we have all witnessed those changes in the past (for good and for bad). That doesn’t mean everyone needs to go into panic mode though. Moore is going to take his visits, and the sooner he takes care of those — the sooner he can arrive to a decision, and make a public commitment.

Moore’s decision to take an official visit to see the LSU Tigers with friend Carnell Tate is on the same weekend as Notre Dame’s Blue-Gold game. While some may find this a little unnerving, I think the sooner he gets the visits out of the way the better.

Fans are really excited about the notion of adding an elite 5-Star quarterback to a class that is already ranked #1 in the country. It would feel like a breath of fresh air as compared to previous cycles, but that possibility will just have to wait another month or two — and then perhaps we can break out the throne one more time for Notre Dame’s future king.