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Notre Dame Football Recruiting: Where does the 2023 Irish class rank nationally?

So far so good

Ben Minnich Notre Dame
Ben Minnich

We are just a couple of days away from the start of the early signing period for National Signing Day, and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are looking to wrap up Marcus Freeman’s first class with a fantastic finish. Certainly, there are a lot of us that are very excited for Notre Dame’s current class, and can’t wait to see them in Blue and Gold — but how does this class stack up nationally with just a few days left?

One of the many reasons Marcus Freeman was hired last year as Notre Dame’s head coach was because of his ability to recruit and his overall commitment to recruiting. The phrase “top 5 class” has been a buzzword around Notre Dame (and a dog whistle) for a number of years now. Will the Irish be able to finish in the top 5 this cycle?

While I’ll wait to truly talk about the could of’s and should of’s of this recruiting cycle, we can at least get a strong sense of Notre Dame’s chances of a top 5 finish by looking at the team rankings from the recruiting services with Notre Dame’s 26 commitments.

And yes... flips, decommitments, and new commitments will change the leaderboard over the next week. This is where we are right now.


  • 6th
  • 5-Stars — 1
  • Top 150 — 8
  • Top 250 — 14


  • 4th
  • 5-Stars — 0
  • Top 150 — 5
  • Top 250 — 16


  • 6th
  • 5-Stars — 1
  • Top 150 — 7
  • Top 250 — 16


  • 3rd
  • 5-Stars — 1
  • Top 150 — 10
  • Top 250 — 15

Top 10 Classes

1. Alabama Crimson Tide
2. Georgia Bulldogs
3. Notre Dame Fighting Irish
4. Miami Hurricanes
5. Texas Longhorns
6. Oklahoma Sooners
7. LSU Tigers
8. Florida Gators
9. Ohio State Buckeyes
10. Clemson Tigers