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OFD Podcast: Tom Loy talks about what impact Notre Dame’s season is having on the 2023 recruiting cycles

2 months until National Signing Day

Ninja Master, Tom Loy
Brendan McAlinden

I couldn’t let the recruiting conversation from the latest OFD Podcast be the only thoughts shared this week - so I went to the master, 247’s Tom Loy, to talk all things surrounding Notre Dame’s recruiting effort in both the 2023 and 2024 class. In this episode:

  • What impact is Notre Dame’s 3-3 start having on the 2023 recruiting class for the Irish.
  • Which committed recruits does Notre Dame have to worry about?
  • The negative recruiting against Notre Dame.
  • What’s up with that NIL thing with Brady Quinn and Tom “Imma Block OFD on Twitter” Mendoza?
  • C.J. Carr’s drop in ranking and Tom’s thoughts on his future.
  • The recruitment of Brandon Davis-Swain remains odd (and up in the air).
  • What’s happening with Notre Dame’s efforts to flip Jackson Arnold from the Oklahoma Sooners?
  • Notre Dame’s QB situation in the 2023 class revolves around one mistake... Dante Moore.

You can follow all of Tom’s work over on Irish Illustrated, as well as Twitter (@TomLoy247).