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Spring Football

OFD Podcast: The Belly of the Notre Dame Beast

An uncomfortable place to be

Drew Pyne was set up to fail in Notre Dame’s Blue-Gold Game

Spring games are nothingburgers so don’t buy the narrative

Some closing thoughts about Notre Dame’s Blue-Gold Game

Plays were made in the sunshine

Notre Dame Football: 2022’s THE SHIRT is unveiled

And it’s not terrible — which is a pretty low bar

OFD Podcast: All of the purple pants for a meaty week at Notre Dame

Yes... there is a spring game this week

Featured Fanshot

Tyler Buchner loses fight against the Last Stair

The spring game just took a tumble.

Hot and Cold Takes for Notre Dame’s Blue-Gold spring football game

No Takes Are Off the Table

What is the Blue-Gold Game Draft for Notre Dame Football?

A new thing — that’s what it is

Weather report for Notre Dame’s Blue-Gold Game

South Bend is a southern school now

Here’s how to get cheaper Notre Dame football tickets for the Blue-Gold spring game

Save a bit

A gentlemen’s review of Notre Dame’s 12th spring football practice

Dishing it out with Valor

Notre Dame WR Joe Wilkins will be OUT for the rest of spring practice

The numbers aren’t good — we know this

OFD Podcast: Tennessee garage talk about Notre Dame Football

It was a fine night

A gentlemen’s review of Notre Dame’s fifth spring football practice

We’re keeping an eye on it

A gentlemen’s review of Notre Dame’s first spring practice

It’s going to be different this year

HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY... now get to work

Big day for everyone under the Golden Dome

Blue-Gold Spring Game details released by Notre Dame

So... not a night game then

Notre Dame spring practice schedule, roster, and coaching staff changes

It’s about that time

OFF THE RAILS: The great listing of Notre Dame names for 2022 spring football

It’s literally that (again)

Notre Dame announces date for annual Blue-Gold Game

After Easter

OFD Podcast: Wrapping up Notre Dame’s Blue-Gold Game and more

Jordan Botelho as a villain is a warm fuzzy

Blue beats Gold 17-3 in eye-opening Notre Dame spring football game

It was a spring game

Everything you need to know about Notre Dame’s 14th spring practice

Last day on the practice field

SB Nation Reacts: Are you even going to watch the Notre Dame football spring game?

And what do you watch?

OFD Podcast: The only Notre Dame football spring game and NFL Draft preview

And some Bartolo Colon too

Huge weekend on tap for Notre Dame Football’s past and future

Yeah — there’s a lot going on

Everything you need to know about Notre Dame Football’s 13th spring practice

Getting defensive

Everything you need to know about Notre Dame’s 12th spring practice

Be explosive

Submit your greatest Notre Dame Football questions for the OFD Podcast— or whatever because you know us

We are here to serve

Everything you need to know about Notre Dame Football’s 11th spring practice


Everything you need to know about Notre Dame’s 10th spring practice

Making it snappy

Everything you need to know about Notre Dame’s 9th spring practice

Some quick facts are still hard truths