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Notre Dame Football Schedule

REPORT: Notre Dame to play BYU in Las Vegas as 2022 Shamrock Series Game


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Conferences are slowing creeping up on Notre Dame

The argument fans have been arguing over for YEARS now, starting to come to life

Brady on Brady crime breaks out over the Notre Dame VS BYU news

Spicy Brady Quinn is the best

Report: BYU-Notre Dame Series Proposed for Las Vegas in 2022

Irish still owe Cougars a game from 2012-13 agreement.

Notre Dame VS Wisconsin in Shamrock Series is just silly semantics

This isn’t about the uniforms

Notre Dame and Alabama reschedule their home and home football series

The Cowboys have entered the chat room

Notre Dame Football: Lambeau Field Matchup vs. Wisconsin Gets 2026 Date

Game postponed by COVID in 2020 will instead by a season opener six years later.

Notre Dame and Arkansas update their series on the football field

A COVID-forced change to the schedule

A schedule makeover for the Notre Dame football program

Rotations are the future

Featured Fanshot

Notre Dame VS Wisconsin is Big Noon Kickoff on FOX

A noon game in Chicago against a ranked opponent with Gus Johnson... WHERE DO I SIGN UP?!

Notre Dame VS Navy in 2022 will be in Baltimore

Because reasons

Notre Dame and NBC announce television coverage times and football ticket information for 2021 season

Back to back home games in PRIME TIME

Notre Dame and Indiana Hoosiers schedule home and home football games


Notre Dame adds the two football games owed to USF on the schedule

Keeping promises

Notre Dame Football Will Pay $1.2 Million Guarantee To Central Michigan

Game agreement acquired Monday via Freedom of Information Act request

Notre Dame Football announces game against Central Michigan in 2023

MACtion forever

Let’s make the Notre Dame football schedule better

Because there is probable and possible and we have both

Notre Dame and Florida schedule home and home series in about a decade

Stop being mad about scheduling the future

Notre Dame football, the ACC, and bye weeks... a tradition like no other

Here’s a stat: 23-1 since 2017

ACC moves game between Notre Dame and Wake Forest to December 12

Which sets the ACC Championship game

Notre Dame postpones this weekend’s football game against Wake Forest

So this is happening (actually not happening)

Notre Dame’s game against Wake Forest this year is moved back to Winston-Salem

The game is now back in Wake Forest’s home stadium

Notre Dame Football: Three Game Series With USF Contingent on First One Being Played

Here’s what the game contract says.

USF, Notre Dame Football Will Play Three Times, Starting This Year

"Talk about a deflater!"

Notre Dame adds South Florida Bulls to the 2020 football schedule

When it rains... what the hell?

Western Michigan no longer on Notre Dame’s 2020 schedule

Absolutely no MACtion this year

Notre Dame Football: ACC Schedule Released & Navy Off The Schedule

Irish will keep Nov. 7 date with Clemson, host Western Michigan at home.

Notre Dame is Partly Responsible for Arkansas Being in the SEC

The Irish’s deal with NBC Sports caused a seismic shift in college football.

ACC announces 2020 football schedule with Notre Dame as a member

There it is

Will Notre Dame play Alabama in an epic week one game?

I mean... it’s still 2020

USC and Stanford games are now cancelled for Notre Dame

That makes 3 games cancelled on Notre Dame’s 2020 schedule

OFD Podcast: Emergency session about the future of the Notre Dame football schedule in 2020

Listen now before the takes go cold


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