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Irish Links

Notre Dame is in line for a really big football recruiting day

And other big things

Notre Dame VS Clemson will be LIVE on ABC

Lots of Musburger vibes

2024 football recruiting heats back up for Notre Dame

Well hello there old friend

Defending Notre Dame Football to a national audience

Fairness is the edge lord

Despite a year away from Notre Dame Football, Brian Kelly news is king

This would have been wild for any coach

Notre Dame Football’s recruiting big board takes shape

Hicksville appropriation

Is Notre Dame Football coming for PRIME’s offensive coordinator?

Plenty of coaching news floating around

There’s ONE piece of fun Notre Dame news on National Signing Day


Notre Dame Football and the final National Signing Day

Booooo — no one cares

Notre Dame’s Marcus Freeman converts to Catholicism

Lift high the cross y’all

What do the huge TV numbers for Notre Dame VS Ohio State mean for the future of CFB?

Maybe nothing, and maybe something

Marcus Freeman might use a Brian Kelly tactic for Notre Dame’s game against Ohio State

BK... king of the road they say

Notre Dame names Bo Bauer and five others as football captains

And other things you need to know

Watching Notre Dame Football is really going to be different this year

But... we already knew that

When will Tyler Buchner be named as Notre Dame’s starting QB?

Also… math is stupid

Ohio State’s Ryan Day talks about Notre Dame and says nothing

What the hell is wrong with his beard?

Paul Finebaum and his word vomit about Notre Dame Football

So brave

Notre Dame football is recruiting at a national championship level

At least one stat says so

Notre Dame Football’s upcoming commitment blitz is going to be sweet

You know... if it all works out

Notre Dame Football recruiting is blazing hot right now

As is the weather forecast for the entire midwest

Notre Dame on NBC is likely to be VERY different this year

The Dallas Cowboys jokes are incoming

ESPN is trying to make Notre Dame VS USC a real thing again

It’s kind of a wild thing

Notre Dame’s odds get worse VS Ohio State and Nick Saban drops bombs

Matthew Lesko would be proud of the free money

The Manning takeover of Notre Dame Football is complete

Well... not quite

Can Eli Raridon play wide receiver for Notre Dame?

I mean... maybe?

Will Notre Dame Football get some help from Congress?

Are you worried about the NIL situation in college athletics? Your federal legislators are here to (maybe) help.

Commitment predictions for Notre Dame’s 2023 class and NIL rules are coming

Blue-Chip ratio greatness

Notre Dame, the transfer portal, and Dante Moore

Roster out and maybe roster in

How does the ACC/PAC-12/Big 10 Alliance affect Notre Dame Football?

I don’t wanna waste my time. Become another casualty of society. I’ll never fall in line. Become another victim of your conformity — and back down

Notre Dame’s recruits get a different ranking

Laser Power I 76 ISO on 3

Notre Dame’s football recruiting momentum is approaching the red line

Which might anger a certain FBS coach

Notre Dame’s Blake Fisher just did something incredible

We have an offseason WOW moment for you


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