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Bagpipe Monday

Bagpipe Monday: How satisfied are you with Notre Dame’s season so far?

NOT TO 50!!!

Bagpipe Tuesday: Will Notre Dame win the rest of their games?

Can they?

Bagpipe Monday: Do you like Notre Dame’s ridiculous neutral site agenda?

The weekly poll and pipes asks the question... again

Who was Notre Dame’s MVP from the Florida State game?

The weekly poll and pipes is joyous on the quick turn around

Bagpipe Monday: Welcome to the 2021 Notre Dame Football season and the first touchdown

The weekly poll and pipes is back and ready to score

Bagpipe Monday: Does Notre Dame need to beat Alabama for you to feel like this season was a success?

The poll and pipes gets curious

Bagpipe Monday: Have you considered Notre Dame wide receiver, Javon McKinley?

The weekly poll and pipes thinks that you should

Bagpipe Monday: Will Notre Dame get the job done against Clemson

Early week predictions with the poll and pipes

Bagpipe Monday: Who’s better than Notre Dame football right now?

The weekly poll and pipes/medieval charm

Bagpipe Monday: Can Notre Dame’s passing game improve over the next couple of weeks?

The weekly poll and pipes

Bagpipe Monday: Is Notre Dame starting the football season over

The weekly poll and pipes

Bagpipe Monday: Did Saturday change the way you look at Notre Dame football this year?

The weekly poll and pipes

Bagpipe Monday: Should we be worried about Notre Dame’s roster moving forward?

The weekly poll and pipes is available this week.

Bagpipe Monday: How was your Notre Dame experience on NBC?

The weekly poll and pipes is a peacock

Bagpipe Monday: What Notre Dame player is going to break out versus Duke?

Or at least have a good jump on a break out year

Bagpipe Monday: Does it matter to Notre Dame who wins the National Championship?

Maybe? The poll(s) and pipes hash it out.

Bagpipe Monday: What bowl game would you rather have Notre Dame play?

I hear New York is LOVELY this time of year.

Bagpipe Monday: How much do you care about Notre Dame VS Stanford?

Notre Dame’s last game of the season won’t matter to anyone other than the two schools on the field.

Bagpipe Monday: Should Notre Dame stop scheduling Navy?

Absolutely, but the poll and pipes works for you. HAPPY VETERAN’S DAY!

Bagpipe Monday: Forget what you know about Notre Dame football

This could have been said Louisville week.

Bagpipe Monday: The bitter sadness of Notre Dame

It could be a song.

Bagpipe Monday: How much does Michigan (Notre Dame’s enemy) suck?

Your answer is extremely important.

Bagpipe Monday: Is Notre Dame’s rivalry with USC the most important game for you each year?

The greatest intersectional rivalry in college football y’all

Bagpipe Monday: The appreciation post for Notre Dame’s Shaun Crawford


Bagpipe Monday: Be prepared for ESPN to crap all over Notre Dame in Georgia

Or anywhere really.

Bagpipe Monday: How can Notre Dame put you at ease this week?

Because you look a little edgy.

Bagpipe Monday: Notre Dame has us running through brick walls out here

Time to strap it up.

Bagpipe Monday: Predictions and an unusual start to the Notre Dame football season

The weekly poll and pipes are back? WE THERE!

Bagpipe Monday: Who will Notre Dame miss the most in 2019?

The weekly poll and pipes is throwing water and dressing like a bear.

Bagpipe Monday: Next up for Notre Dame Football Fans, The NFL Draft

One last event before the great void.

Bagpipe Monday: Blue And Gold week flaunts its true colors for Notre Dame

Some might say this is more exciting than Navy week.


The OFD Poll and Pipes is mad about March.


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