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OFD Reacts: What’s Your Confidence Heading Into the BYU Game?

Also, give us your Shamrock Series takes

Week 6 Notre Dame bowl projections


BYU vs. Notre Dame: How to watch Week 6 matchup

Here comes the Shamrock Series

Notre Dame VS BYU: Shamrock Series Weather Report

Do you need this? Of course not.

2022 College Football Data Preview: Notre Dame VS BYU

Some bye week and Munsters inspired data going into Notre Dame’s Week 6 game against BYU

Hot and Cold Takes for Notre Dame VS BYU in the Shamrock Series

Audric Estime. Chris Tyree. Checkmate.

NCAA denies Notre Dame targeting appeal and grants one to BYU

Go to hell

This stream has:

2022 Notre Dame Football: Shamrock Series Week vs BYU Cougars

Let’s go look pretty and win

Marcus Freeman wants to reduce distractions for Notre Dame’s Shamrock Series game against BYU

There’s also a drip issue

Notre Dame VS BYU: Depth Charts

A fresh change

Notre Dame Football: W.I.N. (What’s Important Now) — BYU Cougars Week

The time for cheeseburgers is over. The time for VEGAS is now!!!!

2022 Notre Dame Football Schedule, TV Times, Stat Leaders, and Complete Roster

It’s all here

Notre Dame opens up as a slight favorite over BYU in Shamrock Series

The lines are open for the game in Vegas

Notre Dame’s cheeseburger meal wasn’t enough to crack the polls

Charlie Weis is so pissed right now

A Saturday Without Notre Dame Football: A Running Diary

"Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, creeps in this petty pace from day to day," until Notre Dame returns to the gridiron.

Notre Dame Football cheeseburger bye week GAME THREAD

Welcome to today!

Notre Dame Football: Bye Week Q&A with Pat Rick, Local Idiot

You had some questions, and unfortunately for all of us I went ahead and answered them all!!!

Notre Dame Football’s Cheeseburger Week: Staff Picks

Fun for everyone

The best Notre Dame Stadium One-Star Google reviews

Beat a drum

Power ranking fast food restaurants for Notre Dame Football’s cheeseburger week

Elite 5-Star cheeseburgers

The Leprechaun’s Game Day at Notre Dame

I had no dreams, goals, or ambitions of attending the University of Notre Dame, but when I got there, I put 100% of myself into getting the most out of my time there.

Notre Dame Football: 3 games to pay attention to this weekend

You should watch a lot more, but these 3 are important enough

Notre Dame Shamrock Series: By the Data

A look back on Notre Dame’s Shamrock Series games through 2021.

What depth chart changes might be on the way for Notre Dame?

Why don’t they play [insert freshman name] more?

OFD Podcast: Notre Dame super grouped North Carolina to death

Three running backs still work

Opening Odds: A look around at the lines for Notre Dame’s opponents this week

Eat a cheeseburger and enjoy the rest of college football this week

How Notre Dame Football’s 2022 Opponents Fared in Week 4

Navy wins its first; Boston College in a freefall

Notre Dame’s Michael Mayer or Georgia’s Brock Bowers — who is the best TE in the country?

There is no wrong answer

Notre Dame Football: W.I.N. (What’s Important Now) — Sittin’ At Home Eating Cheeseburgers Week

With no competitor to discuss this week except cheeseburgers, prepare to go off the rails a bit during this week’s call!

Another Unpredictable Notre Dame Showing is a Reminder Why College Football Rocks

Whether you’re buying the hype or just looking ahead to 2023, take a moment and appreciate these Irish

2022 College Football Data Review: Notre Dame VS North Carolina

Some data analysis, mostly bright spots, coming out of ND’s Week 4 victory against UNC.

3 Things We Saw In Notre Dame’s Blowout Win Over North Carolina

Can’t you see the sunshine?


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