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OFD Podcast: Beat on Notre Dame’s Beat — Episode 2 Featuring Ashton Pollard

On3’s Ashton Pollard Joins for Episode 2

Notre Dame Football: Some Notre Dame-Ohio State History and Hype 

He’s a 10, but he wears an Ohio State hat with a Notre Dame shirt.

The Solution to Notre Dame’s Running Back Injuries: Bring Back the Fullback

A treatise on bringing the neck roll back into style

Don’t Ever Get Notre Dame Fans To Do A(nother) Universal Hand Gesture

Hand gestures, like conferences, are lame

What RB Jadarian Price’s season-ending injury means for Notre Dame Football in 2022

A talented player on the sidelines for starters

The must get 2024 recruit for Notre Dame Football

All the right moves (and reasons)

Notre Dame Football vs Ohio State Prologue: “THE” Trademark War

The battle no one asked for but we got anyway

OFD Podcast: Beat on Notre Dame’s Beat — Episode 1 Featuring Pete Sampson

30 Minute Debut Episode Featuring Pete Sampson from The Athletic

OFD Podcast: Notre Dame Football and the Anti-CHUD movement

The 21st day of summer

Notre Dame announces new football ticket packages and sale date for 2022

Another change in the way ND is doing business

An Immersive and Horrifying Notre Dame Football “DALL-E Mini” Art Experience

Let’s take some time to appreciate some wonderful Notre Dame football art that was created by a machine and will haunt us for the rest of our lives

Updated Notre Dame Football roster with jersey number changes and freshmen assignments

It will look a little different in 2022

Notre Dame Football Uniforms: Some Shamrock Series Complaining

It’s not healthy to bottle up your feelings.

Former Notre Dame RB C’Bo Flemister announces transfer to Pitt

Good luck over there

Tommy Rees Is Giving All-Access Passes

The Barstool Chicago guys dropped by

Notre Dame Football Head Coach Marcus Freeman Did Nothing Wrong

Stop whining you babies

Notre Dame Football From the Perspective of a Kentucky Basketball Lifer

Trust me on this; I know what I’m talking about

New Notre Dame Football Podcast Series Coming Soon: The Beat on Notre Dame’s Beat

OFD’s New Summer Interview Series Kicks off Soon!

I don’t care what Notre Dame HC Marcus Freeman said about Ohio State

And neither should you

Two Former Notre Dame Football Players Make 2023 CFB Hall of Fame Ballot

Membership voting runs through June 30; results will be submitted to the NFF’s Honors Court, which will deliberate and select the 2023 Class.

Building a College World Series Lineup with Notre Dame Football players

Let’s pick a football squad to go to Omaha with

4 Fire Notre Dame Football Freshmen of the Past

Frosh are friends, not food,

OFD Podcast: Notre Dame is dumping all over Michigan’s and Tennessee’s dreams

You absolutely love to see it

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The Inevitability of Notre Dame QB Steve Angeli: A Satire?

The Top Notre Dame Stadium Concession Foods You Can Eat

Eat these foods when in the stadium

Top 3 Away Gamedays as a Notre Dame Football Fan

The best parties to crash in CFB

Notre Dame Football’s 2024 Scholarship Chart

The numbers are the numbers

The field inside Notre Dame Stadium will be replaced this summer

What are they trying to hide? WHAT IS BURIED BENEATH THE STADIUM?!

Which Other Coaches Would You Support/Refuse to Support If They Coached Notre Dame Football?

In a completely pointless and yet incredibly important exercise, Pat Rick explains which other CFB coaches he would or would not support as coach of Notre Dame

Notre Dame Football recruiting and their 5-Star quarterback situation

I mean... there were signs

I Made a New Notre Dame Football Schedule Because I Can

Get ready to get petty up in here.

Don’t gripe about new Victory March lyrics when half the stadium has always sung it wrong

Please indulge my soapbox rant


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