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So... it looks like Mike Brey isn’t headed to South Florida to coach after all

Not so fast

Pittsburgh v Notre Dame Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Mike Brey is truly a wild card. The former Notre Dame basketball coach was reported to be all but on his way to be the next coach for the USF Bulls, and the stories about his “next journey” went out as fast and as furious as a Fast and Furious franchise flick.

People had an easy time making it make sense because old people like Florida in the winter. It still didn’t explain the speed of the move or the strangeness to takeover a squad clearly in need of a rebuild... BUT HEY HOW ABOUT THAT SIESTA KEY LIFESTYLE BRO?

Not so fast my friend.

It appears someone finally asked Mike Brey what he was planning on doing now that his time at Notre Dame is done and we’re now officially in spring.

So... Mike Brey is going to do the thing that most people thought he would do immediately after ND.