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Quick Recap: Notre Dame drops another close one to Virginia, 57-55

ACC wins are tough

NCAA Basketball: Notre Dame at Virginia Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish came into Saturday looking to add a bright spot to the season by pulling off the upset against the #7 ranked Virginia Cavaliers.

NCAA Basketball: Notre Dame at Virginia Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Virginia opened up scoring for the game from the free throw line after both teams’ first two possessions came up empty. Ryan would respond with a shot from deep to open up scoring for the Irish. Both teams would alternate baskets, with Virginia up 7–5 heading into the first timeout just under 5 minutes in. Goodwin would end a three-minute drought from the field for the Irish from deep with 13 minutes remaining in the half. Making it 11-10 Virginia. Virginia would answer with one of their own, then the Irish, then Cavaliers again as both teams remained close 17-13. Goodwin would drop it in from short to draw the Irish back within 2 17-15 heading into the second tv timeout just under 10 minutes in.

Notre Dame would cool off again coming out of the break going 6 minutes without a FG, allowing Virginia to push the lead out 24-15. Matt Zona would break the ice (again from deep) for the Irish but after an and-one underneath Virginia held their 9-point lead 27-18 with just over two minutes left in the half. Ryan would end a 10-3 run from deep and then a quick transition shot to pull the Irish back 27–23 with just over a minute left in the half. Both teams would add one before the break 29-25 Virginia at the half.

Halftime Stats:

ND: FG % 39.1 3PT: 5-15 FT% 100.0 Rebounds: 14 Assists: 7 Steals: 2

VA: FG % 38.5 3PT: 4-15 FT% 71.4 Rebounds: 16 Assists: 7 Steals: 5

Ryan would open up the half from mid-range pulling the Irish within 2 29-27. After 2 turnovers Laszewski would take 2 at the line and another from short to take the lead 31-29 2 minutes into the half. Both teams would battle back and forth, all knotted up at 36-36 with 15 minutes remaining. The Irish opened the half 6-11 from the field. After two answered possessions from Virginia Notre Dame would take a timeout with just over 11 minutes remaining down 45-40.

NCAA Basketball: Notre Dame at Virginia Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

As was a constant with this matchup both teams with alternate baskets for a bit with Virginia holding on to a 49-45 lead with just over 8 minutes remaining. With just under 5 minutes remaining Goodwin would convert and pull the Irish back within 3 53-50. After a turnover by Virginia, Laszewski would go for the tie from deep but be unable to connect. After a Hammond fadeaway to keep the score within 3, 55-52 with just over 2 minutes remaining.

Notre Dame v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

With 24 seconds remaining, Hammond would go to the line with a chance to bring it within 1. He would sink both giving Notre Dame hope 55-54. The Irish would foul twice bringing Virginia to the line with 22 seconds left. They would make both giving the Cavaliers a 57-54 lead. Goodwin would attempt a deep 3 with no avail with 10 seconds left.

The Irish would foul but Virginia was unable to convert the bonus. Before Notre Dame could set up for the tying shot, Virginia would intentionally foul with 3.9 seconds left. He would make the first making it 57-55 and miss the second. The Irish would get the rebound and be able to get it to Goodwin for a buzzer-beating 3 attempt but was unable to connect.

Another close loss for Notre Dame as the Irish fall to 2-14 in ACC play and 10-17 on the season.

Game Stats:

ND: FG % 39.2 3PT: 7-26 FT% 80.0 Rebounds: 30 Assists: 11 Steals: 4

VA: FG % 36.5 3PT: 7-24 FT% 75.0 Rebounds: 35 Assists: 14 Steals: 6