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Quick Recap: Notre Dame inks solid win over Southern Indiana

Notre Dame gets third win on the season in uneventful fashion.

Youngstown State v Notre Dame Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish looked to get going after a less the ideal start to the season against new Division 1 member Southern Indiana. The Screaming Eagles joined Div 1 July 1st of this year and had already gone to Mizzou and put up 91.

Note Dame started out hot in the first 10 minutes of the first half, opening up 4-8 from beyond the arc and pulling out to a 22-11 lead. Four out of our starting five had hit from deep and both Laszewski and Goodwin led the team with 7 points each. Wertz would hit one more from deep before they would cool off from 3 point range.

The Irish would allow the free throw’s to carry them to a 30-13 lead before USI would cut the lead to 12 at 33-21 with just under 4 minutes remaining. Both teams would alternate baskets for the final few minutes before Laszewski would end the cold streak from deep with just over 30 seconds to go in the half. Notre Dame would go into halftime having extended their lead back to 17 at 42-25. They compiled a 43% FG percentage and ended the half 6-16 from deep. Laszewski led the way with 11 points and was 50% from the field and from deep. They held the Screaming Eagles to just under 35% from the field and just 2-9 from deep.

The half would open with a flagrant 1 being committed on Laszewski before a 14-3 USI run cut the Irish lead to just 10 at 49-39. Lubin would try to stop the bleeding from deep but was unable to connect leading to a Starling foul at the other end. USI them extended their run to 16-3 cutting the lead to single digits 49-41. Both teams would alternate scoring until just about halfway through the second half when Ryan and Wertz would hit back to back threes to bring the lead back to 16. From that point both teams alternated scoring possessions. USI had moments where they looked like they could start to make a move but Notre Dame would punch right back. With just over 4 minutes remaining Lazsewski would complete an and 1 to push the lead out to 18 76-58. While getting some players game time the Irish would close out the game 82-70.

Final Stats

ND: FG% - 47.2% 3 point % - 34.6% FT - 82.1% Reb - 36

USI: FG % - 41.3% 3 point % - 33.3% FT - 73.3% Reb - 38

Team leaders

ND: N. Laszewzki 18 points 10 Rebounds FG: 6-10 3PT:2-4

USI: T. Lakes 21 Points FG: 7-11 3PT: 5-7