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The OFD Film Room

OFD Films: Iso Cam - DeShone Kizer

DeShone Kizer is pretty darn good

OFD Films: Red Zone Offense

We look at the 2015 Red Zone Offense - the go-to plays and things to fix heading into the Fiesta Bowl against Ohio State.

OFD Films: Notre Dame's Defensive Scheme

Yes scheme was part of the problem this year

OFD Films: Iso Cam - Kizer runs the option

DeShone Kizer has some wheels!

OFD Films: Chaos in the Notre Dame Secondary

Uh, yeah. This is not good.

OFD Films: Joe Schmidt Iso Cam

This play isn't as bad as you think.

OFD Films: Prosise's Negative Runs vs. Temple

We break down C.J. Prosise's 5 runs from Saturday that went for negative yardage.

Notre Dame Special Teams: Navy Review

The Irish defeated the Navy Midshipmen in a hard-fought game on Saturday. [Insert sinking a Navy ship pun here]. How did the special teams do? Career day for Justin Yoon, good day for Tyler Newsome, read on to find out why.

OFD Films: Irish Sink The Option

The Irish stop the option for the second time this season.

Notre Dame Special Teams: Clemson Review

It was not as bad as you think.

OFD Films: Clemson Review

We break down the film from the Irish running attack against a tough Clemson front.

Notre Dame Special Teams: Massachusetts Review

Touchdowns! 50 yard punt average! ND put together, arguably, their best special teams performance of the season on Saturday. Read on to see how they performed.

OFD Films: Notre Dame in sync on offense

This is what talented, hardworking, well coached football teams look like

OFD Films: The Irish Stop The Option

A breakdown of Notre Dame's defense against Georgia Tech's ooption attack

Notre Dame Special Teams: Georgia Tech Review

ND overcame the odds of being picked against by every ESPN College Gameday game-picker people to defeat the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets on Saturday. How did the special teams perform? Click and find out.

Notre Dame Special Teams: Georgia Tech Preview

Kickers, punters, bees, etc. The Irish face a tough opponent who will need to have their specialists on the field often if the Irish are to succeed in this game.

Notre Dame Special Teams: Virginia Review

Trickeration! Punt Returns! Field Goals! 50+ Yard Punts!

OFD Films: Notre Dame struggles in short yardage

Short yardage woes plague the Irish... again.

Notre Dame Special Teams: Virginia Preview

Notre Dame opens their ACC schedule with their first ever game in the Commonwealth of Virginia against, who else, the University of Virginia. Read on to see what this ACC team has in store for the Irish on special teams.

Notre Dame Special Teams: Texas Review

Kicking, punting, defeating Longhorns.

OFD Films: Breaking down Notre Dame's first TD

The X's & O's behind the first touchdown of the season

Notre Dame Special Teams: Texas Preview

New season, new faces. Read on to see who will be making their first starts on Saturday and what we might see in the special teams game.

OFD Films: Texas Preview

We take a look at the Longhorns' offense and discuss a few ways that the young Irish defense can counter the uptempo Texas attack.

OFD Films: Iso Cam - Ronnie Stanley

In this session of Iso Cam we take a closer look at one of the best players on the Irish roster

OFD Films: Iso Cam - Andrew Trumbetti

I think you're going to be surprised by this. I was.

OFD Films: Iso Cam - Greg Bryant

Greg Bryant is maturing as a running back

OFD Films: Growing Pains for the Irish Defense

Metamorphosis and the 2015 Defense

OFD Films: Explaining LB Play in BVG's Defense

Confused about what the MIKE, WILL, and SAM linebackers do for Notre Dame. We try to explain!

OFD Films: What makes Joe Schmidt so good?

It's more than just being smart.

Chronicling Zaire's Passing vs. LSU

Short passes with good accuracy ruled the day in this bowl game.

OFD Films: Mike Brey's Defensive Changeups

We all saw how going small ignited the Irish offense for the Irish against Miami, but the move had some interesting implications for the Irish defense. In this OFD Films, we'll look at some of the changes the Irish have used in their recent games.

OFD Films: Why consider Malik Zaire at QB?

Brian Kelly, crazy or crazy like a fox?


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