The dirtiest moves Brian Kelly and Tommy Rees ever made


For real folks... follow @verypiratey on Twitter (Brendan) — the Notre Dame beat’s favorite photoshopper.

South Bend Airport has flights designed for Notre Dame away games


Go be a road/air warrior.

Notre Dame announces FREE admission for a lot of sporting events this year


You're still going to have to pay for football, basketball, and hockey... but soccer, volleyball, baseball, and more are 100% free. Really cool news!

COVID guidelines from the NCAA for fall sports


Vaccination has its advantages.

Notre Dame Football starts fall camp on August 7


This is just the media schedule.

Notre Dame’s offensive line is wiping up ALL the endorsements


The Irish line now has an official BBQ joint, pizza joint, and butt wiping mechanism. The NIL life is incredible.

Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish TV could become a subscription model


If this happens, how much would you be willing to shell out each month?

Notre Dame's position in a possible 12 team playoff just took a hit


The Rose Bowl (as always) wants to make things difficult. So... how's that sell job of "oh but Notre Dame will get a home game, which is so much better for them, as the 5 seed despite being 12-0"?

Notre Dame is one of eight Blue Bloods in college football


It's math and science.