Brian Kelly turned down a wedding invitation so he could eat turkey


Our good friend Doug tried to get Brian Kelly to attend his most blessed of days, but apparently the Irish head coach was too busy eating turkey in Blacksburg. HOW RUDE!

Free Notre Dame Football tickets for fans getting first COVID vaccine dose


Pack them in on senior day!

Enter Sandman is STILL trash and the same reasons to not fear Blacksburg


Several years ago, Notre Dame travelled to Blacksburg for the first time. Much was being made about it - mostly about the 10-15 minutes before kickoff - but it all turned out to be crap. This is just a reminder that not much has changed.

Sometimes, the refs really are biased.


I am even more mad now. This ref should be fired.

NBC and YouTube TV agree to short extension


Tis the season for delays.

Notre Dame announces GREEN OUT for Cincinnati game


But will they wear the green jersey?

ACC announces prime time kickoff for Notre Dame at Virginia Tech


The bigger question... is Metallica coming back for a second L?

Should be full crowd for Notre Dame VS Purdue


That’s more like it.

Purdue won’t have the big drum against Notre Dame


For the first time since 1979, Purdue won’t have their big dumb drum travel with the band. Why? The visitors tunnel at Notre Dame Stadium is too small. ALL THE LOL’s!

A Reminder that Purdue is the Most Boring Football Program of all Time


In a nod to HLS announcing that this will be their last season in existence and since it's been a hot minute since we last played Purdue, I figured it was a good time to bust this oldie out. Very little has changed since 2007 when this was written. Purdue is still increasingly boring, they have absolutely no exciting history or players to talk about, and their big claim to fame is a complete and utter dud that doesn't even function. All hail to the Purdzzzzzzzzz.....