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Earned 5-Star Podcast

EARNED 5-STAR PODCAST: 60% of the time Notre Dame Football works EVERY time

Burns the nostrils

EARNED 5-STAR PODCAST: 5 Random Questions About Notre Dame RB Jadarian Price

Some one-on-one battles

EARNED 5-STAR PODCAST: We’re Mr. Manager of Notre Dame Football now

There’s always money in the banana stand

Lead us to water for a fantastic Notre Dame Q&A on the Earned 5-Star Podcast


Saying Notre Dame is irrelevant isn’t the flex you think it is

Tis the season

EARNED 5-STAR PODCAST: How to be very wrong and very right about Notre Dame Football

Predictions and prop bets were made... reap the whirlwind

Notre Dame continues to sell its past rather than its future

It’s a thing

EARNED 5-STAR PODCAST: Notre Dame’s golden stained armpits and chaos

Happy Fat Tuesday

EARNED 5-STAR PODCAST: 5 Random Questions about Notre Dame DL Rylie Mills

Best nickname?

EARNED 5-STAR PODCAST: Notre Dame Football Dungeons and Dragons Part 1

A prelude to the apocalypse

EARNED 5-STAR PODCAST: Drafting Notre Dame’s improbable run through the College Football Playoff

Predicting the future is our profession

EARNED 5-STAR PODCAST: Ringing in a new Notre Dame Football offseason

This is where we are

EARNED 5-STAR PODCAST: Fantastic sun vibes for Notre Dame Football

Heading into the offseason with a tan

EARNED 5-STAR PODCAST: Sombreros and changes for Notre Dame VS Oregon State in the Sun Bowl

Get your boots on for this preview

Our Traditional Christmas present to you is Notre Dame’s Hawaii Bowl victory

Mele Kalikimaka

EARNED 5-STAR PODCAST: Notre Dame Football’s lasagna whirlwind 

There’s a lot going on here

EARNED 5-STAR PODCAST: Notre Dame should lend Oregon State a helping hand

Welcome to the Sun Bowl and the rest of the CFB postseason

EARNED 5-STAR PODCAST: Let’s talk about Notre Dame and the transfer portal

There are things to be mad about and things that need some rethinking

EARNED 5-STAR PODCAST: Goodbye Notre Dame Football November

We have come to the end of the regular season and there are things to talk about

EARNED 5-STAR PODCAST: The Notre Dame Football Thanksgiving episode gets a little uncivil

Words were said in the service of a WF review and a Stanford preview

EARNED 5-STAR PODCAST: I guess we’re previewing Notre Dame VS Wake Forest

Among other fun things

EARNED 5-STAR PODCAST: This Notre Dame Football bye week was NOT for the children

This is what happens during a double bye year

EARNED 5-STAR PODCAST: The aftermath of Notre Dame’s loss to Clemson

Things that happened and things that should not have happened

EARNED 5-STAR PODCAST: Notre Dame VS Clemson — A Prelude to BYOG

It’s that time again

EARNED 5-STAR PODCAST: Michigan is cheating and previewing Notre Dame VS Pitt


EARNED 5-STAR PODCAST: Notre Dame takes down Southern Cal — meet me at the 50

So just a few days ago...

Earned 5-Star Podcast: Notre Dame’s Louisville disaster, the Worf Effect, and previewing USC

This is kind of an important week

Earned 5-Star Podcast: Previewing Notre Dame VS Villainy and Louisville

Surrounded by enemies

Earned 5-Star Podcast: Lets soak in Notre Dame’s victory over Duke

So that was kind of wild

Earned 5-Star Podcast: Notre Dame ran home to momma VS Ohio State and now we Duke

Review/Preview for the win

Earned 5-Star Podcast: Notre Dame VS Ohio State doesn’t have to be close

Listen up y’all

Earned 5-Star Podcast: Notre Dame stays explosive in a MAC victory

And other stuff from a fun CFB weekend