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College Football Playoff

Some Statistical Evidence Showing That Notre Dame Wasn’t Dominated By Clemson

Or... further proof the 2nd quarter was hell.

OFD Podcast - We Have Reached Our Ceiling

Both the Brian Kelly/Notre Dame Paradigm and ND Fan Radio have peaked

The Clemson Hangover

You’ll need to clear your head a bit for that big picture talk.

Let’s Talk Rationally About Notre Dame’s 30-3 Loss To Clemson In The Cotton Bowl

Here’s your chance to not be either a jerk or a fanboy.

Final Stats In 30-3 Clemson Win Over Notre Dame In Cotton Bowl

This looks bad. Is that bad?

Notre Dame Implodes In Cotton Bowl Loss To Clemson, 30-3

If you take away the 2nd quarter Notre Dame only loses 10-3.

Game Thread: Notre Dame VS Clemson In The Cotton Bowl


The Anti-Preview: Notre Dame VS Clemson In The Cotton Bowl


Notre Dame VS Clemson: Depth Chart For The Cotton Bowl

How the Irish will line up.

College Football Playoff: Notre Dame Fighting Irish VS Clemson Tigers Weather Report For The Cotton Bowl

Just another October day in December.

Notre Dame VS Clemson: Staff Picks

The OFD Staff gives the finger to Vegas.

Notre Dame Football in the College Football Playoff: Clemson Tigers Cotton Bowl Preview

Pat Rick looks at how the #2 and #3 teams match up, power ranks "tigers," provides all the dancing Dabo content you could want, and gives his gut-driven prediction despite his brain’s best objections

Goodyear Unveils Giant Mascot “Tire” Statues For Notre Dame And Clemson

So there’s this.

Notre Dame VS Clemson Will Have Pro-Irish Crowd In The Cotton Bowl

Not a big surprise.

Throwback Thursday: Cotton Bowl Week

Sure hope y’all like Cotton!

Notre Dame Football: Clemson Tigers Cotton Bowl Q&A with Shakin the Southland

Pat Rick talked to Ryan Kantor over at Shakin the Southland to get all the detail you could ever ask for about the #2 Clemson Tigers

This stream has:

College Football Playoff: Notre Dame VS Clemson In The Cotton Bowl

Going back to where it all ended.

Who Has Clemson Played?

Has Clemson even been challenged this year?

Bagpipe Monday: Can Notre Dame Survive Destiny’s Path?

The weekly poll and pipes — as fate would have it.

Notre Dame Football: Brian Kelly - “Don’t bury your head in the sand.”

Brian Kelly is living proof that change is always possible.

Ian Book On The Sports Illustrated Cover


Would an 8 team college football playoff benefit the Notre Dame Fighting Irish?

Probably, but there’s always a year of doubt, and we’ve already seen it.

Cotton Bowl: Clemson Near Unanimous Favorite in Media Predictions (So Far)

The ACC Champion Tigers are the pick of 92 percent of media members through Wednesday morning.

OFD Podcast: Answering The Notre Dame Football Mailbag

This wasn’t the worst idea — but it wasn’t great either.

OFD Podcast: Notre Dame Football And The Weight Of History

Had a thought about Notre Dame football and hit record... sorry y’all.

Notre Dame Playoff Like A Champion Today SUPER SALE!

Grab a great deal for the playoff run TODAY!

Join OFD’s Bowl Mania Challenge For Glory And Honor Forever And Ever

You gotta have that confidence just drip all over the keyboard.

Brian Kelly doesn’t have the best bowl record

It’s not the worst either.

The Cotton Bowl and Notre Dame Bowl Game Ticket Prices This Decade

How much are fans going to have to shell out to see the Irish at the Cotton Bowl?

Notre Dame Unveils New Under Armour Uniforms For Cotton Bowl Against Clemson


Will Notre Dame Wear Throwback Uniforms Against Clemson In The Cotton Bowl? (Updated)

Notre Dame could pull off two big statements on December 29th.

Chris Finke Was Snubbed By The Burlsworth Trophy For Clemson’s Hunter Renfrow

Make the square... somebody is fighting for this.


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