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College Football Playoff

Notre Dame VS Alabama: College Football Playoff Rose Bowl Game Thread

Renewed shall be blade that was broken. The crownless again shall be king.

Notre Dame VS Alabama in the Rose Bowl Game: Staff Picks

Love the energy

The Rose Bowl Anti-Preview: #4 Notre Dame VS #1 Alabama

There’s a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. Now, mostly dead is slightly alive.

Notre Dame Football Throwback Thursday: Irish VS Alabama, 1973 Sugar Bowl

Parseghian threw caution and pigskin to the wind.

Irish have to take on a unique Alabama offense

A tough assignment for the student-athletes from South Bend

OFD Podcast: Previewing Notre Dame VS Alabama in the game still called THE ROSE BOWL

You don’t need rainbows and sunshine to enjoy the roses

Notre Dame VS Alabama: Football Betting Lines

The Irish are decidedly not the betting favorite

This stream has:

2020 Notre Dame Football: College Football Playoff Rose Bowl VS Alabama Crimson Tide

You want Bama — you get Bama

College Football Playoff Analytics Preview: Notre Dame VS Alabama

Analytics To Pull Off An Upset

Notre Dame Football Hot and Cold Takes for Alabama: Playoff Edition

I Mean....Why Not?

Notre Dame prepares for a different Alabama team as a different program

Offense took the stage on Monday

Bagpipe Monday: Does Notre Dame need to beat Alabama for you to feel like this season was a success?

The poll and pipes gets curious

College Football Playoff Rose Bowl: Notre Dame VS Alabama Depth Chart

More of the same for the Irish — for now

SB Nation Reacts: Notre Dame fans are at their 2nd lowest point heading into Rose Bowl VS Alabama

Playoff runs are no longer "cool" according to the fans

What Though The Odds Be Great or Small, Old Notre Dame Will Win Over All

Keep The Faith Irish Faithful

#4 Notre Dame is headed to the college football playoff to take on #1 Alabama

Ain’t no doubt

Notre Dame remains #2 team in College Football Playoff Rankings

Different week — same place

Notre Dame remains #2 in college football playoff ranking

Kill the Ohio State debate with fire

Notre Dame stays #2 in college football playoff rankings

The committee didn’t budge on the top 6

Notre Dame Lands at #2 in the First 2020 College Football Playoff Rankings

This top 4 placement was to be expected

Notre Dame stays at #2 in both AP Top 25 and Coaches Poll

Just a few days away from total irrelevance

Let’s Talk About Anything Except Schedules

Four stories that have little, if nothing, to do with canceled seasons.

LSU breaks the Clemson and Alabama stranglehold on college football with national championship win

Just what everyone expected back in August

No Change For Notre Dame in Week 16 National Rankings

Another non surprise.

Notre Dame skyrockets to #15 in latest college football playoff rankings

Put it into perspective for THIS year.

Notre Dame ranked #16 for another week by the college football playoff committee

Notre Dame continually being punished like no team ever.

What is the Camping World Bowl and why is Notre Dame projected to play in that game?

Time to start getting real about Notre Dame’s likely bowl scenario.

Notre Dame Football: Irish slip to #16 in college football playoff rankings

Notre Dame ranked #15 in first College Football Playoff Rankings

A different start for Notre Dame.

All of the bowl options for the Irish in 2019

And I do mean ALL (hello Birmingham!)

Does Clemson’s thrashing of Alabama for the National Title change your view of Notre Dame?

Is there some transitive vindication in the air?

Should Notre Dame start playing Hawaii in football every year?

The 13th data point only matters if you let it matter.


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