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College Football Playoff

What does the 14 team college football playoff proposal mean for the Irish?

I mean — it means something

National Championship Game: Georgia Bulldogs VS TCU Horned Frogs

One last game

Notre Dame’s Gator Bowl TV audience was a huge success

Like 1.5 million better than USC

The CFB Playoff is expanding to 12 teams in 2024

Here we go...

Notre Dame ranked #21 in latest set of CFB Playoff rankings

It’s enough to make you puke

Notre Dame moves to #15 in the College Football Playoff Rankings

Not quite there

College Football Playoff Rankings: Notre Dame shuffles up to #18

Hanging around

Notre Dame at #20 in CFB Playoff rankings is disrespectful to the troops

Why does the committee?

Plenty of reasons to be mad about Notre Dame’s exclusion in initial college football playoff rankings

Just not the normal ones

What does the CFB Playoff expansion mean for Notre Dame Football?

Freedom of sorts

Featured Fanshot

College Football Playoff to remain at four teams

No expansion for the CFB Playoff in the near future. Narduzzi won….

ACC coaches think Notre Dame AD Jack Swarbrick tried to swindle them for a bigger playoff

The ACC is obviously happy with just sending Clemson to the dance each year

Notre Dame alum is new chairman of CFB Playoff Selection Committee

Hey Boo

College Football Playoff Semifinals: Staff Picks and Game Thread

Don’t do it

Notre Dame bowl projections after conference championship weekend

SPOILER: It ain’t the playoff

Conference Championship weekend and the Notre Dame scenario: Staff Picks

Things are happening this weekend

Notre Dame Football bowl projections after week 13

Sparty in the desert?

Notre Dame ranked #6 in penultimate college football playoff rankings

Jumped by some Cowboys

Notre Dame ranked #6 in newest college football playoff rankings

Inching closer and closer

Notre Dame bowl projections after week 12

This isn’t going to make anyone happy

Notre Dame moves up to #8 in latest college football playoff rankings


Notre Dame Football bowl projections after week 11

The theme remains strong... no one knows

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Notre Dame has 3rd best chance to make the college football playoff

Hahaha… this is going to trigger many many people.

College Football Playoff Rankings: Notre Dame ranked #9 after week 10

Pretty weak ass move if you ask me

Notre Dame ranked #10 in first CFB Playoff rankings

It is what it is and here’s what it is.

Featured Fanshot

Notre Dame's position in a possible 12 team playoff just took a hit

The Rose Bowl (as always) wants to make things difficult. So... how's that sell job of "oh but Notre Dame will get a home game, which is so much better for them, as the 5 seed despite being 12-0"?

Notre Dame finishes 2020 season #5 in the AP Top 25 Poll

A finish similar to 2018

Notre Dame VS Alabama: Analytics Recap

Analytics To Wrap Up 2020

Three Things Here at the Bitter End for Notre Dame

A disappointing end to a great season

Brian Kelly went full UNDERAPPRECIATED DAD mode after Notre Dame’s loss to Alabama

And that’s fine

OFD Podcast: We talk about Notre Dame losing to Alabama in the Rose Bowl like gentlemen

For at least a few minutes

Notre Dame outmatched by Alabama in the Rose Bowl and loses 31-14

Bama did not score the 50 they average