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ND '16. Detroit sports fan (minus the Pistons). Lover of puns. I can carry on conversations exclusively with The Office quotes. Keeping it real since 1994.

Notre Dame VS Ohio State: Overreactions

These could go off the rails, but we’ll rein it in a bit

Notre Dame VS Central Michigan: The Personal Connection and Overreaction to This Game

It might just be another "tune up" game, but to me and my family, it means so much more

Notre Dame VS Tennessee State: Overreactions

Getting general here

The Past Three Notre Dame Football Seasons Post-Golden Dome Regildings

How the ND Football team has fared after the Golden Dome has been regilded

Notre Dame Players You Would Have DESPISED If They Were On Another Team

Fun to watch but were huge pains in the asses

Hop On Board the ND Athletics Support Train

Or don’t, but it’s your loss

Notre Dame’s Fanbase Has Been Letting Freeman Be Freeman

Marcus has been phenomenal for the program

Women’s Basketball: Notre Dame to Open the 2023-24 Season in Paris VS South Carolina


Quick Recap: Notre Dame Drops Sweet 16 Matchup 76-59 to Maryland

The season is unfortunately now over

Sweet 16 Quick Preview: Fighting Irish VS Maryland

Hoping to have a truly sweet Saturday