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ND '16. Detroit sports fan (minus the Pistons). Lover of puns. I can carry on conversations exclusively with The Office quotes. Keeping it real since 1994.

Notre Dame vs. Cal: OVERREACTIONS

You see less craziness online after a win

Notre Dame vs. Marshall: OVERREACTIONS

Reactions not so "over" for many of us after that one

Notre Dame vs. Ohio State: OVERREACTIONS

We all get heated in the moment

Notre Dame Football is like life — sometimes we don’t know what we need until it’s right in our faces

Last step is winning the games, which we all predict will probably happen

Conference Realignment is More Like Independence Than One Might Think

The irony of all ironies

Don’t Ever Get Notre Dame Fans To Do A(nother) Universal Hand Gesture

Hand gestures, like conferences, are lame

Tommy Rees Is Giving All-Access Passes

The Barstool Chicago guys dropped by

The Top Notre Dame Stadium Concession Foods You Can Eat

Eat these foods when in the stadium

The Perfect Notre Dame Football Home Game Tailgate Meal

Notre Dame Stadium Lot: We have the meats

Should Notre Dame put names on the back of their football jerseys?

It’s not that big of a deal, but it is