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ND '16. Detroit sports fan (minus the Pistons). Lover of puns. I can carry on conversations exclusively with The Office quotes. Keeping it real since 1994.

Women’s Basketball: Fighting Irish Take on Tennessee in ACC/SEC Challenge

It’s that time of year, folks

Women’s Basketball: Notre Dame Loses to South Carolina 100-71

Monday’s Paris opener unfortunately did not go well

Women’s Basketball: Notre Dame Opens Season Against South Carolina in Paris

Overseas and a huge game, too

Notre Dame VS Clemson: Overreactions

That was just not fun

Notre Dame VS Pittsburgh: Overreactions

There are some to find even in a blowout

Notre Dame VS Louisville: Overreactions

Oh boy there was a lot to be mad about

Notre Dame VS Duke: Overreactions

That was...quite something

Notre Dame VS Ohio State: Overreactions

These could go off the rails, but we’ll rein it in a bit

Notre Dame VS Central Michigan: The Personal Connection and Overreaction to This Game

It might just be another "tune up" game, but to me and my family, it means so much more

Notre Dame VS Tennessee State: Overreactions

Getting general here