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Emperor, Warlord, and Supreme Commander of the Notre Dame Subway Alumni. I'm also a husband and father to three of the most ruthless and cunning kids ever assembled.

It’s the Sun Bowl for Notre Dame against Oregon State

Get your sombreros and boots back out

Notre Dame CB Ryan Barnes to enter the transfer portal

Looking for opportunity elsewhere

Notre Dame Basketball Quick Preview: Irish VS #8 Miami

A ridiculously tough road game

EARNED 5-STAR PODCAST: Let’s talk about Notre Dame and the transfer portal

There are things to be mad about and things that need some rethinking

Notre Dame TE Holden Staes to enter the transfer portal

I mean... why not? Am I right?

Notre Dame WR Rico Flores to enter the transfer portal

This is one of those that hurt

Notre Dame DB Ramon Henderson to enter the transfer portal

The first Irish DB portal entry

Notre Dame WR Braylon James to enter the transfer portal

Another pass-catcher is running away from South Bend

Riley Leonard enters transfer portal and Notre Dame is the perceived favorite

Another ACC QB could be under center in South Bend in 2024

Notre Dame WR Tobias Merriweather to enter transfer portal

What could have been, never was