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Emperor, Warlord, and Supreme Commander of the Notre Dame Subway Alumni. I'm also a husband and father to three of the most ruthless and cunning kids ever assembled.

This stream has:

2021 Notre Dame Football: Wisconsin Badgers Week

At least the uniforms are pretty.

Brian Kelly and Notre Dame look ahead to Wisconsin and Shamrock Series

There’s a big game in Chicago this weekend

Notre Dame Fighting Irish VS Wisconsin Badgers Depth Chart

Just one very small change from last week

Bagpipe Monday: Do you like Notre Dame’s ridiculous neutral site agenda?

The weekly poll and pipes asks the question... again

OFD Podcast: Reviewing Notre Dame’s win over Purdue — Do you knuck if you buck Coan?

The guys are ready to argue about winning

Postgame Notebook: Notre Dame 27, Purdue 13

A better day

ESPN’s College Gameday will be at Soldier Field in Chicago for Notre Dame VS Wisconsin

Ban neutral site games forever

Notre Dame 27, Purdue 13: Highlights and post game video

Yay! A frustrating game ended up fine

Brian Kelly has tied Knute Rockne for the all-time win record at Notre Dame

105 and counting

Quick Recap: Notre Dame drums up a win over Purdue, 27-13

The Shillelagh stays in South Bend, Kelly ties Rockne