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Quick Recap: Notre Dame loses ACC opener to Syracuse, 62-61

Irish fall to a scrappy Orange team in a slow back and forth affair.

Irish fail to keep up with Williams and the Trojans, 38-27

Was Notre Dame really that bad against USC?

Irish beat the Eagles in a Snow Bowl 44-0

Notre Dame’s final home victory sets up an epic season finale in Los Angeles

Quick Recap: Notre Dame inks solid win over Southern Indiana

Notre Dame gets third win on the season in uneventful fashion.

Notre Dame escapes second half collapse against Navy

Was the second half performance against Navy a fall back to earth after Clemson?

Notre Dame rolls Clemson in prime time to spark new life into the season

Was upset over #4 Clemson a glimpse at what we can expect in the future?

Irish fend off Orange comeback and win in The Dome 41-24

Is THIS who the 2022 Notre Dame team is?

Does Notre Dame’s victory over UNLV address any of the deeper concerns?

What meaningful insight can be gained from the 44-21 victory over UNLV?

Irish lose to Stanford 16-14. Who needs to be fired?

Who’s to answer for the crime of loosing to the Trees?

Notre Dame begins path to self discovery in win over No. 16 BYU

Breaking News: BYU was ranked.