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Zahm refugee

Notre Dame Football Position Preview: Tight Ends and Chess

Tommy Rees is about to coin the "Mayer’s Gambit" strategy

Notre Dame Football Position Preview: Wide Receivers and (Mythological) Olympians

How did the wide receiver room get to this position? It’s all Greek to me

Notre Dame Football Position Preview: Running Backs and Sour Patch Kids

"Where are all the Sour Patch Parents?" -Bo Burnham

Notre Dame Football Position Preview: Quarterbacks and Beatles

When I find myself in times of trouble/Tommy Rees comforts me/Molding Heisman winners/At QB -The Beatles, "Let It Be," probably

We Need to Talk About Notre Dame Football’s End-of-Half Defense

It may make or break a CFP bid by season’s end

The Solution to Notre Dame’s Running Back Injuries: Bring Back the Fullback

A treatise on bringing the neck roll back into style

Notre Dame Football vs Ohio State Prologue: “THE” Trademark War

The battle no one asked for but we got anyway

Notre Dame Football From the Perspective of a Kentucky Basketball Lifer

Trust me on this; I know what I’m talking about

Notre Dame Friday Film Breakdown: 2022 top-150 center Dominick Campbell

The anchor of the 2022 class is more than meets the eye

Don’t gripe about new Victory March lyrics when half the stadium has always sung it wrong

Please indulge my soapbox rant