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Garrett is a junior at Iowa State studying Journalism and is trying to become a well rounded college football writer. When he isn't writing his hot takes on college football, he is probably trying to do his best ROUND MOUND THE REBOUND aka Charles Barkley impression on the rec basketball courts at college.

3 Takeaways from Notre Dame-Texas

Notre Dame-Texas was an instant classic. Although the Irish lost to the Longhorns, here are 3 takeaways that were seen from the outcome.

How Can Notre Dame Make The 2016 CFB Playoffs?

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish have the talent and the schedule to make the 2016 College Football Playoffs. But for that to happen, here are three keys that will make or break Notre Dame's chances to make the playoffs.

Two 1,000 yard rushers for the Irish in 2016?

While focusing on the quarterback situation in South Bend, people are overlooking the possibility that Notre Dame may have a pair of 1,000 yard rushers on its hands in 2016.