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Earned 5-Star Podcast: Ready to start (another) new Notre Dame Football era

New things are happening

OFD Podcast: Notre Dame’s spring football QB competition is a social construct

But so are malls, and we still love them

OFD Podcast: Just some Notre Dame Football Buffoonery With Dads

We don’t even know what that means

OFD Podcast: Notre Dame Football’s new War Daddy is home

Educating Jude about who his daddy is

OFD Podcast: Tommy Rees and his Notre Dame betrayal

It’s actually much more complicated than that

OFD Podcast: A very grizzly Notre Dame Football Q&A

Many things were said

OFD Podcast: Putting a bow on Notre Dame’s 2022 football season

And a bunch of other stuff

OFD Podcast: Sam Hartman is in the portal and Notre Dame takes on the Gamecocks

Statler and Waldorf have entered the chat

OFD Podcast: Our Traditional Christmas present to you is Notre Dame’s Hawaii Bowl victory

Mele Kalikimaka

OFD Podcast: Notre Dame’s National Signing Day is better than you think

Even if something bad happens... it’s still really good