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How will the new sports streaming platform affect Notre Dame Football?

I mean... it’ll be there

Notre Dame v Duke Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Now that we as sports fans have mostly adjusted to the new world of sports streaming that has emerged over the last five years — the media companies have decided to blow it all up and create something new that we’re all just going to have to get used to very, very soon (I guess).

FOX, Disney, and Warner Brothers are forming a Voltron like streaming platform to combine all of their sports coverage moving forward (yes, this includes ESPN, TNT, and TBS).

2019 C2E2 Photo by Daniel Boczarski/WireImage

Notably absent from this robotic future is NBC and CBS — both of which hold considerable sports broadcasting portfolios (NFL, Notre Dame Football, Big 10 Football, March Madness etc.).

So, if you’re a Notre Dame Football fan, things will change drastically for Irish away games (as far as viewing options are concerned) but home games will remain right where they’ve always been on NBC (and that sacrificial game on Peacock).

The real dilemma for fans is figuring out what streaming service they need and how much they’ll need to shell out of their wallets.

I’ve seen some estimates about the new streaming service being around $40 a month — so let’s go with that.

$40 — Voltron
$10 — Peacock
$10 — 247/Paramount +
$20 — Netflix
$10 — Amazon Prime (because what weirdo isn’t using Amazon?)

$90 — Your entire entertainment budget.

This, of course, is if you cut the cord on any cable, satellite, or other TV provider (Hulu Live, YouTube TV, etc.) that you may have a subscription for at the moment. YouTube TV, for example, runs about $75 a month. So, you may save $35 if you currently have the same type of lineup.

*** Full disclosure: I am only guessing at what the prices are as I am someone that forgets these things and I refuse to look them up. I think it’s pretty close though***

Back to the main point...

At the current moment, the only way this new streaming service affects Notre Dame football games is with the away games — and even with those games — you should still be able to watch them under your current plans.

For now.

There’s probably a lot more to all of this, but this is all I care about right now.


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