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Notre Dame Reacts: Confidence in Team Remains High, But ACC Add-Ons Panned

Irish fans surveyed aren’t too worried about Salerno injury.

Notre Dame v North Carolina Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Here are the results for Notre Dame Reacts, a weekly four-question survey that captures the pulse of the Irish fanbase.

As always, we start with our baseline question about your confidence in the Irish football program at present.

Here’s where we’ve gone so far:

  • Preseason: 48 percent very confident, 47 percent somewhat confident, 4 percent somewhat doubtful, 1 percent not confident at all.
  • Post-Navy: 58 percent very confident, 40 percent somewhat confident, 2 somewhat doubtful

And here are the results from post-Tennesee State. The numbers haven’t changed significantly.

Since North Carolina State is the Irish’s first Atlantic Coast Conference opponent of 2023, we figured this was a good time to ask you about the inclusion of SMU, Stanford and Cal in the conference starting in 2024.

Turning toward today’s game, we asked what you thought the outcome would be in the Irish’s visit to Raleigh since the disastrous 2016 “hurricane” game. More than three-quarters of you are predicting a two-score-or-more Irish win.

Finally, we asked about what impact you believed wide receiver/punt returner Matt Salerno’s injury would have on the fortunes of the Notre Dame football team in 2023. Almost all of you are expecting a “minor impact” as Salerno remains sidelined for several weeks.

And here are the results from the national survey.

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