I know people have been saying The Athletic is basically trash now

But I didn't realize just how bad it had gotten until I saw their articles about this weekend. The reaction to the FSU upset has one guy talking about how they are suddenly title contenders despite having the 20th best total team talent composite. (Which led to me reading several articles about that, none of which mention ND of course) Speaking of which... how is that calculated? ND is ranked 11th, but by like every other metric they should be a top 5 team. But I digress. Terrible take my guy. Brian Kelly is famous for not having his teams ready to meet the moment in big games like that. Kicking the ass of a Brian Kelly-led LSU doesn't make FSU a title contender, just like Miami kicking ND's ass in 2017 didn't actually make them title contenders.

Then you have the complete over-reaction to the Colorado upset of TCU. No guys, one track meet win in the first game of the season doesn't suddenly validate Deion. About the only take that has any merit is Duke upsetting Clemson signalling the end of the dynasty. But that's more like the wool finally falling out of their eyes. Clemson hasn't been, you know, CLEMSON for about two years guys. This is not news. Notre Dame manhandling them last year and winning 35-14 should have been the game to prompt these articles. I dunno about anyone else, but I'm cancelling my subscription to The Athletic.

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